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  1. johnd89

    New Cl1 Accord EuroR

    Buddyclub p1's. Nicest car I've ever driven. Tax is high on them in Ireland (885euro) but it's worth it.. very hard to find one with a good gearbox and good driveshafts!
  2. johnd89

    New Cl1 Accord EuroR

    Just purchased! Had an SIR-T before this and Ive never been happier with a car. Beautiful to drive! Comments and suggestions welcome!
  3. johnd89

    Vtec performance honda breakers updated 10-3-2012

    I'm looking for a drive shaft for a Honda Accord Sir-t. If you have one, what price? Thanks
  4. johnd89

    New Car SIR-T

    Yea its a CF4 Sir-t import F20b DOHC
  5. johnd89

    New Car SIR-T

    Thanks for the comments lads! Hope I'm lucky with it Yea I think it was in Galway and Dublin for a while, improvement from a 1.4 Civic anyway, I'm very happy with it. Not sure about wheels and needs a drop in height soon :nice:
  6. johnd89

    New Car SIR-T

    Sold the Civic and starting on a new project :) Comments and suggestions welcome
  7. johnd89

    The joys of college

    Well lad, I was reading your post and happend to come across this ad on donedeal, just said I'd let you know in case it's any good to you. And it's near you as well Honda Civic Bumper ek9 for sale in Dublin : €100 -
  8. johnd89 Load Time * Feedback wanted*

    Pages are loading nice and quick here in Ireland :nice:
  9. johnd89

    My Accord

    Absolutely beautiful. What the economy like? Thinking of buying one or an SIR-T in the new year :)
  10. johnd89

    EJ9 Civic

    Ah right, I'll keep an eye out for ya if I'm ever in Galway. I'll spot the car ;) You're hardly going to the meet in Carrick at the weekend? I might wander up myself if it's not pissin rain.
  11. johnd89

    EJ9 Civic

    @ John: Ya, hoping it makes a good difference now. Pull is very good all the way to about 5800 after the IM swap but really struggles to keep the flow moving above that range to limiter so hoping this will let if breath a bit freer. What size exhaust are you running now? Where about's are you...
  12. DSC 0113 (Large)

    DSC 0113 (Large)

  13. DSC 0116 (Small)

    DSC 0116 (Small)

  14. DSC 0124 (Small)

    DSC 0124 (Small)

  15. johnd89

    EJ9 Civic

    Great job, looks really well. Love the twinloop and the IM swap. I have the same mods myself and I'm really happy with them. I really noticed a difference with a full exhaust system after the bigger intake manifold swap. Even that 4-2-1 should give you good gains! Great job!!
  16. johnd89

    Irish ek9 meet timetable...

    1. Ian 2. Brian 3. tony_h 4. dermokeelo 5. Civic92 6. SK-HH 7. Brady 8. DArren 9. kaelyn2010 10. Stephen K 11. DamienH 12. Ek9gary 13. noel 14. waterfordcoupe 15. hondamad 16. quinn_tec 17. JohnnyB 18. Ryan-Mac-N 19. hondaheads (if the car hasnt sold) 20. LOR 21. 93civicboy...
  17. johnd89

    Brake disc help needed!

    Did you buy these discs in the end? I'm thinking of buying them for my car and just searched mtec brakes and found your post. Did you buy, or were you satisfied with the discs?
  18. johnd89

    RoEk9`s Fully Resprayed Photo Snaps

    Great job, looks mint! Well done!
  19. johnd89

    Anyone used ebay camber arms?

    I tried ebay rear arms, lasted about 2 months. Very bad quality. Going to try SPC arms now. I would strongly advise anyone not to buy the ebay camber arms. Ive yet to find a brand of camber arms that have a good review tho :(
  20. johnd89

    Wanted intake manifold SOHC Vtec D16Z6/Y8

    I'm looking for an intake manifold from a D16z6 or D16Y8 to do a swap on a D14. I'd like a skunk2/Edelbrock or a standard manifold. Looking for one in Ireland, I live in the midlands, If anyone has one for sale leave me a message. Thanks :drive: