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    Long 2 1/2 inch decat cheep!

    i have a JDM resonated decat if that of any intrest to you?

    WTB ek9 steering rack, subframe, interiour loom etc

    I have a subframe here

    Differance between a Front EK9 and EJ9 subframe

    This is correct:nice:

    EK9 K20 Pembrey race lock up!

    I remember this well :nice:

    Milano Red Honda Integra Dc2 UK

    Whats the body work like?? (rear arch's)

    B16b & associated parts.

    Ill have a root around my garage this weekend mate & see what i have for you!:nice:

    Quick question

    ADL Blueprint:D

    Quick question

    They are 100% the same!:nice: about £15 for both is what i pay from my supliers :secret:

    Incredible overtake

    EPIC drive!:drive: That's some close racing if I ever saw any, amazing skills to get through the pack like that with NO contact. I take my hat off to this guy:bow:
  10. JIMBOB-EK9

    2004 silver EP3 87,???miles FSH £1600 (cat C)

    Perfect for you mate, as u know I was planning to break but I really don't have the time & need my garage space to work in! You got my number if u want to know anything mate. :nice:
  11. JIMBOB-EK9

    2004 silver EP3 87,???miles FSH £1600 (cat C)

    Item for sale:2004 silver EP3 Reputation: Price: £1600 Paypal: cash on collection Location: Preston Condition: cat C write off Description: 2004 EP3 in silver, 87,??? Miles (can't rember exactly) Full service history (last service done by myself) Has had timing chain & guides HSK air filter...
  12. JIMBOB-EK9

    Help pease with EK9 rear calipers

    I will very likely have one of these in my spares box's, I'll have a look tomorrow when I'm at my garage & let u know!
  13. JIMBOB-EK9

    ej9 wont start after speedo malfunction

    From reading what was happening to your speedo in your first post Im 99% this is a bad earth mate! Check all your earth straps & my money is on it being the gearbox one;)
  14. JIMBOB-EK9

    If you had 2k to spend in your ek9?

    Shorter Final drive is a cheeper & very good mod, but you still have the same rev drops as oem. This is why i would go down a gearset route instead of a FD for "track work"! Very good point by topher about lowered seat rail, this is a must in an EK9 IMO:D Stand alone ECU is defo not a...
  15. JIMBOB-EK9

    If you had 2k to spend in your ek9?

    You have hit the nail on the head right there mate & the best way to do that is on track with tution!:drive:
  16. JIMBOB-EK9

    If you had 2k to spend in your ek9?

    Would LOVE to here your resoning behind this coment!:lol: The only way a the stock EK9 would "win" as you put it is at top speed, which on 99% of uk circuits your not going to get over 120-130mph. I was once on snetterton circuit with one of my old EK9's with a B18 engine & stock gearbox, a...
  17. JIMBOB-EK9

    If you had 2k to spend in your ek9?

    Im with Haitch on this, forget about power!;) If you can do/build gearbox's yourself then i would go for a 3,4 & 5th gearset & stick with the oem diff. Next would be brakes (bremtec discs & DS2500 pads all round) + some decent fluid & braded lines. Then i would look towards some coilovers...
  18. JIMBOB-EK9

    woo got a mugen twinloop!!

    as lee said, but better if you fit a new gasket (could get one from any motor factors)