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  1. kagetora01

    Civic EK3 dark blue in DR

    welcome.... is that a mugen lip?
  2. kagetora01

    greatest freak out

    he's one hell of a World of Warcraft kid....thats yeah he might be crazy, but this is real....why the hell he's dad says "SHUT UP" in the end? if you know what i mean....that guy has lots of videos of his crazy brother but the first one is the best.. here is the second...
  3. kagetora01

    greatest freak out

    the original YouTube - Greatest freak out ever (ORIGINAL VIDEO) the parody YouTube - John Leguizamo Greatest Freak out Ever lmao :lol:
  4. kagetora01

    9er and FD2

    nice the EK9...:) what size are those P1? 15?
  5. kagetora01

    spoon Ek9 build

    how much for that?
  6. kagetora01

    spoon Ek9 build

    nice car...:nice: me want that SPOON Lip....thats for 96-98 EK right?....where did u get them?
  7. kagetora01

    East Side Civic Squad September Shoot

    awesome pics...and awesome cars..:nice:
  8. kagetora01

    Here is my build up of my EJ6..56k= DEATH!!

    hmmm what happened to the mugen cluster? didn't you have ctr cluster before? and you get a new one?
  9. kagetora01

    Here is my build up of my EJ6..56k= DEATH!!

    awesome....i see your becoming a SPOON whore i know what color your gonna paint your valve cover...let me guess? Yellow.....:naughty:
  10. kagetora01

    Finally... my build thread for '98Trackhatch

    very nice build mhen...:nice:....just don't like how you painted the engine bay...:(
  11. kagetora01

    Bought An EJ9 , What you guys think ?

    welcome to clean car....but wheels are too big, i had 17 inch wheels before and thank god i had a 15 inch now :D....i say don't spend your money for a powder coat on that wheels...just save it and buy a used 15 or 16 inch wheels, then powder coat it...:nice:
  12. kagetora01

    That black EK with the Stupid bonnet again

    dont care what the others said about the wheels.....i like them...look sick on an EK..:nice: if you dont mind....what size are the rims, offset, the thick and wide of the rubber? does your wheels scrape on the inside plastic of the fender if you turn fast? BTW love the front end...
  13. kagetora01

    Mr. cleans painted wheels

    thanks for the reply....:) damn...another lip that i can't find the other one that i ask was xtoplinex's BYS bumper....and you know what, he said the same thing...he got it from a friend....:( those lips and bumpers are freaking no where to be come they...
  14. kagetora01

    Mr. cleans painted wheels

    nice car...good job on the wheels...:nice: one question...where did you buy the mugen lip?
  15. kagetora01

    34 FS 4446 stanbul...

    nice car mhen....:nice: what suspension setup she has..? i thought that was a picture posted by Ko®ay.....but its only your sig....:D btw nice sig, and next time make it smaller...^__^
  16. kagetora01

    EK9 V Seat Cupra Turbo - Member On Here?

    mph? JDM EK9 type r clusters has KM? you guys have MPH on your ek9 gauge cluster in UK? :confused: like the sound....very quick...
  17. kagetora01

    Here is my build up of my EJ6..56k= DEATH!!

    the new set up is much nicer...:nice: love the wheels what offset? is that Mugen cluster that i saw?...:wow:
  18. kagetora01

    Texas Honda Crew highway racing

    damn.....that thing's fast.....nice set up! :)
  19. kagetora01

    my work civic :)

    i like it will be much nicer if your gonna put something deadly under the hood! :D
  20. kagetora01

    Driving Japan's touge roads project

    nice video mhen :nice: