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  1. Steve

    Nicole's turbo black ek9

    You tried getting prices from honda on Scotswood road? 9/10 he was able to beat prices on Oem parts from other places ;) Manager in service department is called Steve Moody.
  2. Steve

    Is my 9 a racebase?

    I had a poverty spec ek9 / lightweight / cheap mans version - aka windy windows, no aircon, no abs, no airbags, no electric folding wing mirrors (but electric moving mirrors). Certainly preferred it over the Rx versions. Nicer momo steering wheel and lighter for the track. Only time windy...
  3. Steve

    Tegiwa imports discount code

    can I jump on the bandwagon to please and have the code :D
  4. Steve

    Gav's old ek9?

    what a shed, owner wants shot with a spud gun.
  5. Steve

    Steering Rack Lock Nut Spanner - Stock / Alternative?

    Anyone got one I could borrow or know of somewhere that has them in stock? Or a similar Item? its a 40mm spanner / wrench. My local Honda and a few others are a 2 month waiting list :| PN: 07916-SA5001 (original) New PN: 07AAATL2A100 Bit tight getting in on the...
  6. Steve

    Buying a DC5

    I would say more like 7.5k-8k for a standard decent one. 8k-9k for decent one with good mods Don't get hooked on what mileage is. A 2002 car with 40k miles doesn't mean it's better looked after than a 2002 car with 80k. Does a car no good being day around doing nothing.
  7. Steve

    Buying a DC5

    I have one, just be smart and don't rush into it as with anycar. There is some proper sheds about for the same money as decent ones. I would say go for a fresh import or a one that's got kpro etc etc
  8. Steve

    Advice On Storing a Ek9...

    Make sure the mice can't get into it ;)
  9. Steve

    Best Track?

    Go to Cadwell worth the trip!
  10. Steve

    Brake fluid for track cars

    You can get it in gold to. Whole point is so you can tell more easily when the new fluid is coming through the system :) Always got it from eurocarparts. Think it was £12 a ltr last time. It's in a tin as its suppose to have a longer shelf life over plastic containers. How true that is I...
  11. Steve

    172 clio or 182 !

    Clio will fall apart FACT. Clio is the easier car to drive faster. Ek9 is the rawer faster car when driven properly.
  12. Steve

    Brake fluid for track cars

    Same here. Used it for years.
  13. Steve

    Cw ek9 a1 near Durham

    Nice one :) your first ek9?
  14. Steve

    Cw ek9 a1 near Durham

    T reg ends kdp :) Spotted today while you were pimping in your shades.
  15. Steve

    Drove my mates DC5 yesterday

    Numbers mean jack **** on a track if the slower car has the better driver. Unless of course the track is just a straight line lol Owned both EK9 and now a DC5. EK9 for rawness and fun to drive. But my DC5 would have raped my EK9 any day, especailly on track. and for mpg lol
  16. Steve

    Nurburgring CW EK9 7th April

    Cool :) Any pics or videos?
  17. Steve

    Nurburgring CW EK9 7th April

    Seen you yesterday a couple times. Seen you coming down the track to the half way entrance, my mate said you had span at the top of the hill? Also seen you when I was coming out the car park at Eddies. I was in my CW DC5.
  18. Steve

    100k mile ek9. .

    As long as its looked after the mileage is nothing.
  19. Steve

    Mugen Kitted K20 EK9

    facelift with pre face lift dash :/ Prefer to keep the facelift dash. Think i can see GF-EK9 on the vin though. Would love a k20 EK9..
  20. Steve

    BLACKWORKS Shifter Bushings

    Do you know if they do them for a DC5? (they are different to the EP3 ones i know that)