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    Olly's DC2 Track Car RaceDNA B18

    98 Green EK4, had it from new. 230 and 160 lb/ft
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    Olly's DC2 Track Car RaceDNA B18

    Very cool engine you got there, Race DNA really know their stuff, used to have a B18 built by them. These engines really surprise people with their chararistics, free reving but low down torque, they are an endurance engine.
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    B18c 230hp 158lb/ft

    2 years on. i miss it like crazy. I have heard it's still going strong though, so thats cool.
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    back again

    lovely Euro R, looks nice and clean.
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    Urgently Need EK9 Front Wings

    I have both pre face, in Cypress green. No rust and straight with no dents. Free
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    Blairs DAP SiR +

    Very nice, proper job is always good to see. I also am a Menzerna fan. Will check this out at JAE
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    ek passenger seat

    I have a Passenger seat from my 98 EK4, almost like new. Come and get it. Im in Norwich
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    Genuine HONDA Parts - Service & Optional.

    Price for a Front Bumper for Accord CL9 Part No.71101SEAE01ZR in YR 562P Carbon Brpnze Pearl Cheers
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    Anywhere to buy a front wing online?

    I have both front wings left from my 98 EK4, they are in Cypress Green but not too expensive to paint. No Dents on them. PM me if your interested.
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    Anyone trained in CNC machines?

    Where are you based?
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    Fuchs Titan Race Weekend Special £42.99

    Very good oil, i use this in our CL9's
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    Anyone trained in CNC machines?

    Solid works, Autocad i think is a pain.
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    Anyone trained in CNC machines?

    You need to be good with numbers, but dont worry about it too much. Lots of help pages and solutions on screen on most modern CNC machines. I run Haas Mini Mill, Daewoo Puma Lathe and next week CMZ TL lathe. I self taught, as the guy who was running the CNC machines left quite suddenly, i...
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    Meet Bumblebee

    Love this colour, better than the other colours they get so boring around here anyway. Looking good Ian.
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    New Girl EJ6 <3

    Hi Emma, good to see a lady owner and one from Norwich too. I will keep lookout for you. Coupe's looking good btw
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    New car in progress!

    That's good news, it will hopefully take some of the pain and upset away. M3?
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    Ek9 centre caps info needed.

    Yes, Fastjapcars=Duncan
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    Spoon blue ek9, work in progress

    I actually have two CL9 Accords at the moment, one's the missus family wagon and the other is my small project, i have a cam and Flashpro for it. Got to see Pez for a Mapping session. But i need a serious mota again, maybe S2000 or DC5. I'm quite fond of Yellow EK9's at the moment. We will be...
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    Spoon blue ek9, work in progress

    Lee, you didn't sound arsey at all. Race DNA is actually great value, there years of development and know how. You can't ever pay for that, i am searching for my next project, and hopefully give it some RDNA .
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    Spoon blue ek9, work in progress

    Lee, when i said i need a heap of cash, i meant to have a new project with a RDNA touch. Not meaning they are pricey, like you've allready said No one else can acheive what they do. When i broke my EK4, i had people email me about the B18 asking if i could tell them exact spec of the engine and...