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    Anyone used newera parts?

    Hi I have been looking at parts for my ek9 on a website called newera parts, they claim to be in japan and will ship anywhere in the world, was just wondering if anyone has used them or knows what they are like.
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    my first type r.... the EP3 CTR

    I'm 21 and iv got a ek9 got insurance easy with 2 years no clam 3 points for £1500 thru Adrian flux.
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    Mugan induction kit

    What part of Ireland are you? My pairents live in Ireland in dungannon co Tyrone, how much would you want for it?
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    Spoon direct air flow pipe

    Hi iv been looking at the Spoon direct air flow pipe, dose anyone no how good they are and if they are worth getting. Regards si
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    Mugan induction kit

    Hi I'm after a mugan induction kit for my ek9, dose anyone no any good websites where I can get one from. Regards si
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    Stock airbox or induction kit

    If I was to get a induction kit what would you recommend, I hear that the mugan induction kits are good?
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    Stock airbox or induction kit

    Hi iv got a ek9 and want to no if it will make any differance to the breathing if I put a after Market induction kit on it or if I should just keep the stock airbox? Regards si
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    Skunk2 Tuner series cams

    Iv been looking at the stage 1's, what do you think about the toda killer cams my mate said they are ment to be good.
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    Skunk2 Tuner series cams

    Hi i'm thinking of getting some skunk2 tuner series cams for my ek9, would they be ok on the standard engine? Regards si
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    Oct 11th meet

    Yeah that right mate
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    Oct 11th meet

    Hi is the anyone from Dorset going to the meet? Regards si
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    i would be up for getting one
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    brake upgrade

    hi i am looking to upgrade my front and rear brake discs, can anyone recommend any where in the uk to get them from. regards simon
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    yeah tshirt sounds good with the club logo nice and simple.
  15. S hoodies

    put me down for one
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    what to do first

    torque gt they are down in devon
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    My 2000 C/W EK9 Rx (Finally!!!!!) :D

    if put some up some of the pics when I first got it when I do some more stuff to it will put some more on, got mine booked in for dyno run next weekend to find out exactly what its running.
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    EK9.Org Clothing

    I would buy one
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    first engine mod

    yeah I have the b16b, how much would the greedy turbo kit be?
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    what to do first

    have just had a look under the car and it looks grey, dose that mean it hasn't been undersealed?