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    Car cover

    I have my halfords large outdoor/indoor cover that I would sell if you are interested. Thanks
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    Euro R

    I have a set of headlights for euro r CL1.
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    Mugen CL1 Euro-R

    This is a beauty mate not many CL1 ones around especualliy Mugen, this was mine lol
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    Registering EK9 abroad

    Hi guys, Need some help, I sold my EK9 a while back to a chap from Spain. Now he is having trouble registering it there does anyone know how to go about this. Thanks
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    How to Remove AirCon from your EK9

    Hi, mate just been reading your write up of removing the AC, do you have a write up including the pictures, easier for me to follow. Where about are you based, I'm also from Yorkshire. Thanks
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    aRc's 1998 CW Facelift EK9

    Thanks mate, hope to get the body issues sorted out and then take it from there.
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    EK9's Breaking

    Do you have any front and rear strut braces for sale.
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    Vtec performance!!facelift model honda civic type r for breaking!

    Do you have any front and rear strut braces for sale.
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    **BREAKING** Honda Civic EK4 VTI - many goodies :)

    Do you have a front and rear strut brace for sale.
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    aRc's 1998 CW Facelift EK9

    Nice meeting you mate, loving the car. Will be sorting the body and then take it from there. Thanks again.
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    JDM EuroR CL1

    Same here cant make my mind up on them wheels, but still lokks awesome. But defiantly needs the front badge and I have one here, a original OEM front grill from my CL1 which I have now sold. Pm me if you are interested.
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    2004 Honda Civic EP3 Type R - Cosmic Grey - £3750!!!!!

    Hi mate are you interested a deal with 2000 plate honda s2000 in MCB with hardtop.
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    April Fools day - needs to be stopped!

    Good one mate.
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    My EF9 SiR II buildup (more updates)

    As far as I remember I had vtec in my life it's very addictive. I needed a bigger car and plus the money I was offered was too good to turn down. Pm sent.
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    My EF9 SiR II buildup (more updates)

    This car is a beauty mate, really miss mine would love to have another one to go with my CL1. You have a nice selection mate your EK sedan. I don't live far from halifax so if I'm down them your ends we should get together for a small photoshoot. I have a few standard bits that came out...
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    My championship white ek sedan NEW WHEELS

    That is a sweet car, love to see this one day, have a photoshoot with me white Euro R CL1.
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    ***Breaking Honda Accord Type R***

    Hi mate I'm interested in the head and the bottom end. Is it good nick. What is the mileage on it, and how much would you do for it. Where abouts are you based. Thanks
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    stage 2 cams

    Skunk 2 pro series stage 2 £275 posted