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    Bens ek4

    Great wee ek4 you got there mate :nice:
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    My Ek9 track car build up

    Nice work. Great job cleaning the engine bay Badley needed it :lol:
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    Parry's ek9, restore, fresh paint, k swap. i am back with the same shell!!

    Great work so far lad :nice: cant wait to see the end result
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    How to enter Japfest??

    What day are you all going down at lad. Would be nice to head down in a group :drive:
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    Post Your Interior Thread.

    Here is the inside of my Pre-facelift civic type R ? On the look out for clean mats for the front but no joy so far :(
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    How to enter Japfest??

    As above I would like to enter my Ek9in Japfest in Dublin on the 28th of this month but I don't know who to ring or get in touch with. Is anyone on here going if so could you please help here:(
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    Honda CRX RALLY CAR Build

    Me too mate. Looking good so far
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    Matt's K20 CW EK9

    Really clean 9 lad :bow:
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    My VI-RS (17000km), Supercharged B finally mapped

    Great job smoothing the engine bay out :nice:
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    Championship White UKDM DC2

    Very nice :)
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    Saqib's EK9

    What a car :bow: looks great :)
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    Finally got myself an EK9 rx :)

    Some tire shine in the picture and it would have looked mint :)
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    Lightening Photos + Video

    Class photos :bow:
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    whereveriroam's EK9

    Looks really nice :bow: good bit of spoon stuff on the car to :nice:
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    Sam's Fresh ek9 Import - trackday & update.

    Rocket cover looks well lad :nice: as well as the other few add on's
  16. R Stickers

    Could u send one out my way :nice:
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    EK9 steering rack

    Is there any differents in the Ek9 and the Ek4?
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    B16b or b18cr?

    Yes lad I already started up a thread abiut this topic. Most people would say b18c but I have a b16b Ek9 and it is loads of fun :nice:
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    Richey's daily EK9

    Thanks lad yeah turned out great :woot:
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    Richey's daily EK9

    Naw head to ballykelly instead :nice: some drag racing and diffing all in one :)