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  1. firebass

    EJ9 swap questions.

    some info about b20
  2. firebass

    Integra rear seats

    no i dont know that , but i assume the coupe version they were imported, it has this black velvet fabric
  3. firebass

    Integra rear seats

    i installed also integra rear seats, i put my mechanic to installed them and he only crafted the bolt in a workshop 5 minutes job to place them all good ^_^
  4. firebass

    K tuned s2000 dash converter ap1 clusters issue

    sorry for late reply , yeah actually i did , i left the the 1st and last milivolts as said from K tuned and i adjusted the rest as i wanted the last milivoltis at 100 celcius about its not followed the actual milivolts of the ecu so its better to take a reader of milivolt with the according...
  5. firebass

    B18C fuelling issues

    fuel pressure regulator? 1 time i had problem with the return valve of the fuel pump and it was draining the line like water in a bottle , the fuel railing couldnt hold enough pressure, any chance u checked also the IACV ?
  6. firebass

    B16B Upgrade questions

    never heard changing the cylinder head , i only hear putting in a b16 , cams and springs from b18
  7. firebass

    Idle issue

    stopper screw ? throttle cable lubrication ?
  8. firebass

    B16B Upgrade questions

    i would suggest not to waste to much money on after market stuff since the gains are very minors, i have wasted a lot of money but eventually what i saw or go for everything or remain at 1st stage of ecu intake and exhaust , everything else between them it is just a waste in the matter of gains...
  9. firebass

    Tyre opinion on bridgestone or Yokos

    any effects with the sidewalls? are they stiff ? soft ?
  10. firebass

    Tyre opinion on bridgestone or Yokos

    i see mate, u think that they hold my ek ? i dont push it at limit at cornering i push it at acceleration on straights
  11. firebass

    Tyre opinion on bridgestone or Yokos

    what motor you run mate ? yeah its a cheap tyre as all of the ones that i mentioned . and they get heated fast enough for cruising and in daily , they are better as i guess than to install a track tyre , i was just wondering with a B18c motor and 4.9 final drive if they will behave good , but i...
  12. firebass

    Tyre opinion on bridgestone or Yokos

    Hey guys was looking for some opinion if any1 tried some of the bellow tyres, because i use the car daily i have atm the R1R and i m happy but they stopped importing them in Greece. Dont wanna go on a semi slick tyre, i dont use it on track but i do care a lot on gripping the tyre on dry...
  13. firebass

    Tire Recommendation

    toyo r1r is super :D if u can find some
  14. firebass

    Energy bushings review

    So guys , after 22 years i decided to change my bushings on me ek. I purchased the energy bushings kit the black ones and here is my review!!! 1st of all i didnt used everything on the kit . i used the upper control arms, lower control arms, shock absorber bushings and real trailing arm ones...
  15. firebass

    Coil Overs

    i loved bc on mine :D
  16. firebass

    K tuned s2000 dash converter ap1 clusters issue

    Hello guys , i got an issue . I have all the items to make the conversion of the cluster . So i took the k tuned dwsh converter that corrects the speed, engine temperature and fuel. So my issue is this ,it concerns the engine coolant temperature correction . Inside the software i can edit the...
  17. firebass

    Skunk2 stage 2 tuner cams

    i had the pro 2 , well what i noticed with the pro and the tuners, becuase the pro has big lobe , when it kicks in the vtec u wont understand it a lot , the step i mean, with the tuners the lobes are normal , and the step in vtec is noticeable. i would prefer tuners to run normal for daily cz...
  18. firebass

    Recaro refresh

    yeah i have made the rollers about 3 times already , i have made black plastic which they doesnt worth , they break after 3 months, i made the last ones with aluminium 1 year before still they last
  19. firebass

    Weather Striping L & R

    i installed a mat sticker 2 years now worked perfect
  20. firebass

    Skunk2 stage 2 tuner cams

    well i had the pro setup , i didnt like the mid range , what i figured it was only for drag use , cz this is what i wanted though cz i was drag then, but when i was cruising it was a dead car goin in highway, my setup then in the head was supertech springs and wider valves plus skunk2 cam gears...