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  1. chrismc_DC2

    Squeezing the most power from my h22a

    Performance Autoworks are 10mins from me & look after my ITR. Rich is THE man to speak to regarding H22 tuning & specs. He is the absolute authority on them in the UK
  2. chrismc_DC2

    B20b oil change what do I use ?

    Mobil 1 fully synthetic
  3. chrismc_DC2

    Ignition Timing

    Setting the base ignition timing is obviously a simple case of jumping the service connector & turning the distributor so the idle ignition advance is within the factory range (16 +/- 2 degs on my B18. The factory ECU has built in maps for the fuelling & ignition that are pre-programmed. These...
  4. chrismc_DC2

    EK9/DC2 cat

    Still required- anyone got a spare please?
  5. chrismc_DC2

    EK9/DC2 cat

    For use on my UK DC2- to go with my JDM manifold & B-pipe. Must be fully working & in good condition Cheers Chris
  6. chrismc_DC2

    Si's second attempt at a DC2

    Have found with mine that inserts in all 3 torque mounts but leaving the uppers stock OEM has removed all traces of engine movement but hasn’t increased vibration to an unacceptable (for daily) level. Car feels direct, tight & positive without being harsh
  7. chrismc_DC2

    Si's second attempt at a DC2

    Treat yourself to some energy inserts when you replace the torque mount Best £40 you’ll spend
  8. chrismc_DC2

    Returning member CW UK DC2!

    Car is still running spot on. Air con now deleted including lightweight JDM torque bracket swap new NSF torque mount & running without a spare wheel/gubbins too. All in all about -35kgs Ignition timing checked today & running bang on 18degs BTDC at idle. As much as factory spec allows but...
  9. chrismc_DC2

    ek9 cam swap?

  10. chrismc_DC2

    Returning member CW UK DC2!

    For sure! I can highly recommend the inserts. Cheap as chips & the front end feels totally transformed tbh
  11. chrismc_DC2

    Returning member CW UK DC2!

    Well the rear mount insert is done & WOW- what a difference. I didn’t think it would make much difference over the 2 inserts already fitted but how wrong I was. Front end feels super-tight, better throttle response, better damped & the engine feels an integral solid part of the chassis now...
  12. chrismc_DC2

    Returning member CW UK DC2!

    Car still on top form. Off to the bodyshop soon for a couple of minor fettles. Aside from that I might fit my rear motor mount insert at some point & get some new OEM copy mats. After that il get the wheels refurbed Nice to own an original one tbh. So so few left nowadays in the UK
  13. chrismc_DC2

    Ek9 spoon exhaust problem

    If the OEM backbox sits properly then it suggests the Street backbox is the incorrect length
  14. chrismc_DC2

    difference between 99 and 00 jdm b18c type r?

    The difference (if any) is so minimal as to make no meaningful difference to performance... JDM ITRs were rated at 200ps/197bhp. I've never seen any higher quoted figures than that
  15. chrismc_DC2

    147.7 BHP ON DYNO ! HELP !

    Another vote for timing here- run my DC2 @ 18degs advance (book spec is 14-18). Always run it religiously on VPower so no issues with pinking etc Definitely feels a bit peppier for it. 147atw would certainly be a ballpark figure. Work on adding 25-30hp to a wheel figure as a decent stab at a...
  16. chrismc_DC2

    Parts For Sale 27/3/2024

    Price for the new Lambda probe please Chris
  17. chrismc_DC2

    Ek9 rx cw 2000

    Looks a tidy motor. Drivers seat needs a new base foam & diaphragm as well by the look of it...
  18. chrismc_DC2

    Tyre recommendations

  19. chrismc_DC2


    I think ITB's will only ever work in terms of power if you can afford to rev the engine harder....the rest of it is just noise & throttle response I have experience on a 16v Golf. The ITB's sound beautiful & improve the inlet side so much- however you need to consider inlet/exhaust as a whole...
  20. chrismc_DC2

    Ek9 centre caps

    If you can get replicas then send them to spooner restorations for paint in CW & painted Red H's in the correct maroon shade