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  1. JDM Civic EG4

    Front Bumper, Drivers Wing, Head Lights

    Have my missus old EK9 pre-face front bumper if your interested, with or without lip.
  2. JDM Civic EG4

    B18c Kanjo fast road EG4 project, rare parts build..........

    Haha thanks mate! (ps. will be replying to you're PM very soon, your a very kind man mate! :nice: ) They're bloody hard to get I must say! When it came up I was like.... 'you little git' - this side of Christmas too, but thought I am unlikely to see another soon so thought I'd better grab...
  3. JDM Civic EG4

    Very random.... Vauxhall Frontera audio/clock/under dash wiring diagram??...

    Yes I know.... Vauxhall.... sais it all really! But Honda badged a Frontera as well.... known as the Honda Passport and Honda Jazz (before the Jazz car)!!! Bet ya' didn't know that see! :wtf: Sooo I need help..... After getting fed up of the crappy CD player in my Frontera (1999 2.2 RS...
  4. JDM Civic EG4

    B18c Kanjo fast road EG4 project, rare parts build..........

    Some updates............. Have had quite a few parts delivered recently, haven't taken pics of everything and now my memory card (SD card) in my camera decided to split in half....YAY, so it's now hard to take pics of I no longer have a phone to do it on as I managed to...
  5. JDM Civic EG4

    B18c Kanjo fast road EG4 project, rare parts build..........

    :nice: If you're the same EG6 Flex that's on Civiclife and was on CRX-UK I think we've spoken in the past :nice: Will keep my eye out mate, CRX stuff is getting rare everywhere now though! Thanks mate, I promise it'll be pretty unique once it's all together! :nice: It'll get better...
  6. JDM Civic EG4

    Hit and run

    This seems to be happening a lot these days, shockingly bad. The morals of this world have long since gone now. ........... this is the reason my Civic's won't be out much and I'll be with them ALL the time. Good luck with your claim mate..... failing that a knock on the door will be in...
  7. JDM Civic EG4

    What's it worth: boys zero1 catback

    I wasn't aware you had a K20 EK mate, sorry! But I knew about your M&M's as "walle" messaged me about them, saying you were selling them. :) Wouldn't buy them to re-sell mate..... I need some myself! It depends a lot on the condition and what they've been used for.... but I've seen people...
  8. JDM Civic EG4

    cusco zero 1 coilovers

    They are good coilovers. They are fixed dampening if I remember rightly so cannot be adjusted but for most that don't want to play about with settings all the time, their ideal. Better quality than BC and Meister R In my eyes.... but I'm a JDM fanatic so yeah! LOL As for the ride on them, I...
  9. JDM Civic EG4

    What's it worth: boys zero1 catback

    Hence why my system is up on pistonheads for around that if you look.......... I'm aware of the value of things mate, i specifically deal in rare parts. That's the one thing I do know well. There are few things I enjoy more than them..... :nice: You are right however, you never get the true...
  10. JDM Civic EG4

    Roll centre adjusters

    I have a few friends that run Buddy club ones, they seem very good! They've not had any issues with them that I know of and they've had plenty of abuse! I will be buying some myself for my EG as well! Will be going for the Buddy club ones I think! .
  11. JDM Civic EG4

    What's it worth: boys zero1 catback

    Deal for my FEEL's system haha!! Would want cash my way as the FEEL's is at least £1,500 new the Boyz's is a lot less valuable than a FEEL's unfortunately. Drop me a line though any way whatever happens, we'll see. Need to see if its EG compatible first.... would only be able to tell by...
  12. JDM Civic EG4

    Feel's cat-back

    He's considering buying mine, assuming its the same guy!? You're speaking to me via email.... Garage Velocity :) The FEEL's system is a deep tone, their a race/power type system so the tone matches the style of system that it is, it's not a loud and brash "look at me" system like the Buddy...
  13. JDM Civic EG4

    What's it worth: boys zero1 catback

    Thought you were selling this to me haha!! It will be difficult for anyone to advise you on this as it's pretty rare, but their not impossible to get. If you search the JDM Auctions they're there. I can get them pretty easily compared to certain systems which are much much harder to find...
  14. JDM Civic EG4

    Remove exhaust for Steering Rack?

    They'll fit out through some times, have done it on CRX and EF, unsure on EK. And how the **** did you manage to break your steering linkage!?! ...... slightly worrying, I mean.... good job you wasn't going flat out or some thing :shocked: A swift trip through the nearest wall would have...
  15. JDM Civic EG4

    Engine looms

    What about the distributor plugs, some are single plug others are two...etc Unsure on EK and DC2 looms, never really bothered with them.... only EF/CRX and EG. .
  16. JDM Civic EG4

    Over tightened nut on rocker cover :(

    Will come out.... I've broken a few myself, they're buggers for snapping for some reason! No fear though, 12mm bolt as said above IIRC! :)
  17. JDM Civic EG4

    Hi from Costa Rica

    Hay there welcome! Looks like a very clean base to start from! Very nice, tidy EK you have yourself there! It's always a bonus to start with a fresh slate and you definitely have yourself one there! Good luck with the project! :)
  18. JDM Civic EG4

    my old stanced ej9

    Ah Cal's missus I assume? Used to get on OK with Cal.... I'm Rhys, I'm on his friends list on facebook....... or was at least. We don't talk much any more but used too. Known him quite a while like to be honest! The rear JDM bumper off that old silver 4th GEN is sitting in my shed....with...
  19. JDM Civic EG4

    B16B engine breaking

    P to the M to the D'd .....PM'd! :)
  20. JDM Civic EG4

    b series top hose

    I have a pair mate, might as well sell them together I don't need them as have silicone ones. Drop me a PM. :)