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  1. muiris

    Civic jordan #276

    Nice job, you have your work cut out but that's half the fun. Always liked the Jordans, nice link to F1.
  2. muiris

    K24 Frank EP3 track build

    Looks tidy :nice:
  3. muiris

    Civic ED7 K20A Racecar

    Love it, want to build something like this one day.
  4. muiris

    Teggymuns Dc2

    Nice one, i'll be at the Hiro trackday too :nice:
  5. muiris

    Civic EE9 build/restoration, B16B soon

    Some real nice parts, be interested to see how this turns out :nice:
  6. muiris

    DC2 ITR K24 Frankenstein Build (DYNO Result)

    Well, the day finally came. When i was speccing this engine originally, I was aiming to match the JDM gentleman's agreement of 276ps from Japans golden era. The thought of a little Integra with a 4 cylinder matching the stock power of the FD RX7, NSX-R, GTR, EVO etc was a nice goal. On the...
  7. muiris

    DC2 ITR K24 Frankenstein Build (DYNO Result)

    Thanks, he did a great job in fairness, surprised how quiet it is.
  8. muiris

    My K24 Frank Turbo EK9

    That's one mean looking '9, especially the rolling shot :nice:
  9. muiris

    DC2 ITR K24 Frankenstein Build (DYNO Result)

    Some good progress made since. Got the exhaust system made. The fabricator did a great job. It's very quiet & not droney. I had him make a decat section too so i can pass NCT (MOT) when needed. I believe the mufflers are Solidfabrication. Tuning is the next step.
  10. muiris

    New US Ek9 owner

    What a great pic with the nsx & itr(s). Fresh looking Ek9, USA empty Japan of all the old JDM machinery.
  11. muiris

    DC2 ITR K24 Frankenstein Build (DYNO Result)

    Just a query for anyone, i noticed at one point the fuel pressure jumped from 45PSI to 80PSI. It should never do this. I turned off the car, let it settle for a few min & restarted. It's back at 45psi & has been the same since. FPR is brand new AEM unit. Using a return style system. Anyone have...
  12. muiris

    DC2 ITR K24 Frankenstein Build (DYNO Result)

    Finally out of the garage. It's easily been a year at this stage... is still haven't washed/polished waxed etc. Ride height & alignement needs some work
  13. muiris

    DC2 ITR K24 Frankenstein Build (DYNO Result)

    Back to the K-series.:dance: Some really good progress made but i did have a few issues. First, i made a custom 3.5 inch aluminium CAI with velocity stack. Painted it wrinkle black. I've seen dyno comparisons that the 3.5 makes more power than the 3 inch, so worth a shot. Saved some money make...
  14. muiris

    Parts Required for KSWAP

    I think you're right, it looks like it works on ek, but not on DC2/EG.
  15. muiris

    Parts Required for KSWAP

    Nice list Just something I found, ep3 axles with b series outers are not 100%. Too short. There's a fair amount of conflicting info online about them. It's sick how expensive branded kswap axles are though.
  16. muiris

    Update on H-swap EK

    Great effort on this man, looks great.
  17. muiris

    DC2 ITR K24 Frankenstein Build (DYNO Result)

    Thanks guys. Waiting on a radiator & manifold at the moment so decided to use the time to restore the rear of the car. It's quite nasty. All the bushings in the lca & trailing arm were destroyed & the droplinks were hanging. Even the braided brake lines were on their way out. The...
  18. muiris

    DC2 ITR K24 Frankenstein Build (DYNO Result)

    Thanks man. Few more small jobs done. Made a small alu plate to fit in front of shifter. Put a 5v USB charger for my phone in it using existing cigarette wiring. Put some wrap over it: Installed along with Hybrid Racing Shifter & shifter plate: Also finished wring the ECU (Doctronic...
  19. muiris

    EK9 Rolling Restoration

    Looking good, seems alot of these cars are being restored or are in need of a restoration at this stage.
  20. muiris

    DC2 ITR K24 Frankenstein Build (DYNO Result)

    Yep, should have said that as-well. Spigot/ pilot bearing came with new clutch with a big warning on the package saying warranty void if bearing not installed. Thanks. Another job completed. Oil cooler rad installed along with Mocal thermostatic plate.