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  1. rd55 dun

    Rear left EK4 Caliper

    Hi, if your needing one of these i have one.
  2. rd55 dun

    Ek9 Scotland . New to all this

    Welcome along...where about you from?
  3. rd55 dun

    Lightweight DC2 K20 Build - Dyno Day Update!

    Cars looking great @LoganK, and thanks for the feedback. Both your and Ryans covers look great, looks like a different shade due to the light (y)
  4. rd55 dun

    Mugen Airbox, DC2 OEM Airbox, Whale *****

    Has anyone fitted the Tegiwa "Mugen" airbox to their 9? Im noticing that the mounting holes dont seem to line up fully on the chassis leg, which is seeing to put the whole airbox "out". Also noticing that the airbox lid must be rubbing on the bonnet when closed. Looking at pictures online...
  5. rd55 dun

    My 98 CW EK9

    Noticed a horrid rattle coming from the car, like a heatshield. Found these were worn...not bad for being the originals. The rest of the mounts will be done in due course:
  6. rd55 dun

    My 98 CW EK9

    Just seen this message sorry. The powdercoaters didnt give me a RAL Colour as such, it was just branded as "bright white". Its not a million miles off.
  7. rd55 dun

    ek4 ek9 rear crash bar

    Sorry to hi-jack. Id also be looking for one. Assume this is the bar that runs behind the rear bumper.
  8. rd55 dun

    Mugen twinloop exhaust system wanted

    A friend of mine is selling his ek9 mugen twin loop cat back, it came of a fresh import and is very clean...he is looking for £400. PM me and i can pass you pictures if your interested.
  9. rd55 dun

    Mugen Airbox, DC2 OEM Airbox, Whale *****

    How does the Tegiwa carbon box compare to these? I have a DC2 airbox on my ek9, however the fitment is pretty poor.
  10. rd55 dun

    My 98 CW EK9

    Again not much of an update but collected the car from winter storage for it's MOT. This was the view i was greeted with, good to see the car again. Anyway, purchased a DC2 airbox and pipe, however I'm finding it sits quite poorly and the bottom part of the intake looks to be resting on the...
  11. rd55 dun


    Good price that, i paid £425 for a minted Mugen Twinloop cat-back.
  12. rd55 dun

    Free Rota GT3's EK9 Fitment - Glasgow

    Good to see your still alive and about. You still got the 9er?
  13. rd55 dun

    Wiring Loom Adapter - OBD2B>OBD2A

    Engine is totally stock yes. I have a DC2 Intake and 98 Spec Manifold on my car, so hoping that with the B18c6 and JDM ecu everything will work ok, and have good power.
  14. rd55 dun

    Wiring Loom Adapter - OBD2B>OBD2A

    Thanks mate. The reason im planning on using the P73-003 ECU is that it came from the car and engine, and it was all running great. Dont want to start messing about with it. Would rather a plug and play at the moment.
  15. rd55 dun

    Wiring Loom Adapter - OBD2B>OBD2A

    Im looking at at B18c6 swap into my 9. Set up is currently in a facelift 9 atm (same as mine), and has a JDM ECU P73-003, and owner will require to keep his harness. Think its the OBD2B>OBD2A connection i need, if maybe anyone could confirm.
  16. rd55 dun

    Wiring Loom Adapter - OBD2B>OBD2A

    As above, im looking for a wiring harness adapter for my facelift ek9. Looking for an OBD2B>OBD2A if anyone has one. Thanks
  17. rd55 dun

    Hardrace, Oem Honda parts

    Sent you a PM
  18. rd55 dun

    Caged em1 coupe

    Looking good mate, thanks for the mention!! Cars looking cool, il need to see this at some point.
  19. rd55 dun

    My 98 CW EK9

    Cheers guys! Will need to get a catch up before the summer ends. Ive not been to any car related things in a while now.