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  1. storiee!

    Kraft werks super charged k20 ek9 430bhp

    Car is now sold lads, good look to new owner he is on here ... Thanks for looking!
  2. storiee!

    Kraft werks super charged k20 ek9 430bhp

    All pm replied sorry for delay !
  3. storiee!

    Kraft werks super charged k20 ek9 430bhp

    Kraft werks super charged k20 ek9 430bhp £12,000 Thinking of selling my pride and joy, ek9 k20 rotrex supercharged civic. I have owned this the last 6 years and it has got everything it needed. 430bhp and 265 ft/ib torque Car only built year and a half ago with supercharged k20. K20...
  4. storiee!

    What are my TE37s worth?

    i can sell them on here for u john ... seeing as u bought them off me not that long ago ha ha !! and there my white wheels your buying!!
  5. storiee!

    !!!!!help,is my engine fu**ed???!!!!

    well lad ... to use those squrters with the wiseco pistons u must shape them round the piston skirt and even at that they are very very tight fit u would really need the engine up side down and be able to turn the crank to make sure the clear both the web on the crank and the piston skirt!!! any...
  6. storiee!

    volk racing wheels

    looking for a set of ce28 volk racing 15inch and 5 x 114 stud pattern in bronze must be in mint original condition :please:
  7. storiee!

    Possible NI / Ireland Mega MEET!?!?

    count me in :))
  8. storiee!

    I want this EVO!!! :O

    ya has ta be evo 7 :)) watch out for mine :P
  9. storiee!

    which engine would you choose and why??

    ill sell u my built b18c with skunk 2 pro 2 cams and wisco high comp pistons made 167 ft ibs torque and 226 bhp :P pm me if your interested and ill give u full spec!!
  10. storiee!

    keep my h/c b18 or build h/c k20

    anghous ha ha u just want the challenge of mappen another one of my builds :lol: and your a bad influence!!!!!
  11. storiee!

    Skunk 2 Mega Power ( Any Good ? )

    x2 just like mine :))
  12. storiee!

    keep my h/c b18 or build h/c k20

    wouldnt be a fan off those engines mate!!! plus not too many ks have been built ta the spec im thinking off!!:naughty:
  13. storiee!

    keep my h/c b18 or build h/c k20

    budget doesnt really matter!!! i bit more overtime will sort that!!:nice: i already have a 4.7 final drive in the s4c and a 1.5 way diff!!! ehhh this is my daily drive ha ha i do bring it ta drag racing etc was going ta do track days in mondelo with it as well!! the car is mint tho!! im...
  14. storiee!

    keep my h/c b18 or build h/c k20

    rite lads in a bit of a tizzy!! my high comp b18 with piston cams etc mapped by vtec 6000 off here makes 227bhp and 167 ft / ibs torque its a lovely engine and that . . . . Now i have been offered good money for engine gearbox the lot!!!! and i dono if i should go build a beast of a k20 for...
  15. storiee!

    suspension parts!

    nothen rong with spurious parts for drop links or ball joins i think!!!!
  16. storiee!

    Cheers Vtec6000

    ha ha hope he gets on as well with my skunk 2 b20b !!!!! :))
  17. storiee!

    (IRE) Insurance on DC5,Help?!

    lads if yas are really stuck u must remember that if u have another car like a starlet insured with Quinn insurance and u have a full lisence and your dc5 or ek9 has nct and tax!!!!! your 3rd parti insurance covers u in the performance car simple !!!!!!! :))
  18. storiee!

    (((((((((((((the noteage))))))))))))))

    ha ha sounds like mine :P its always the noisey ones make the power :))
  19. storiee!

    Straightliners Enniskillen 2011

    ya ya they escorted use to the test centre before the race!!! tested the car and it passed but i was sweating!!! they gave it a serious examonation!!!
  20. storiee!

    Straightliners Enniskillen 2011

    ha ha ya that was me lawd !!!! just love my 9 :P