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    J's Racing Fenders

    Alright thanks for the help!
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    break up tactics...... HAHA

    ummmm I slept with your mom...
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    so nice and clean....why it had to be Hellaflush

    That ride is minty
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    3 points and £60 fine for abs light on

    Thats pretty harsh
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    check this lambo close "call" out

    Almost held it together
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    J's Racing Fenders

    So the late model fenders are ones i want in order to do the facelift?
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    J's Racing Fenders

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    J's Racing Fenders

    I have a usdm 96 civic hatch back dx. Im looking to do a facelift, and getting J's Racing Wide Fenders. Which fenders would i need to buy to do the facelift which would be for the 99-00 hatch? J'S RACING USA
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    Light weight Door cards and Low Position Subframes

    interested in the ek door cards, willing to ship to the states?
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    My EK4 turbo

    Not a fan of the wheels or taillights
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    K20 EK + NSX shoot

    Awesome pictures!!
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    My ej6

    Yea that^^
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    My K20 supercharged EK9 *update p.26

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    not an ek9 but a white EM1 (usdm)

    Nice coupe!
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    My Ek9 from Northern Ireland :)

    Nicce car man
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    standard or aftermarket wheels?????

    Stock wheels will look better IMO
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    Paintballer´s white EK9 from Germany

    Looks awesome
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    my vsm ek9

    looks good!