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  1. K20-EF9

    Contains pure P*rn!

    Think thats the nicest car Ive ever seen!! Unreal
  2. K20-EF9

    Monster Unit ef9

    Wow !! I love it....looks so fresh. Any plans for it??
  3. K20-EF9

    15"/16" 4x114 wheels

    If interested in a proper set of jdm wheels I will be advertising a mates set of Sprinthart CPF's in 15'' 114.3 in perfect condition unmarked with decals all mint on them. PM if interested will be advertising them soon though eitherways.
  4. K20-EF9

    EF9 with 36,000km!!!

    Yea man, you are a mile off with those prices!!! Your stating the price of the car in FOB terms (Freight on Board). The FOB costs include - the price of the car to buy from that dealer! Their agency fees, and de-registration fees to make the car available for export. Also the transport of...
  5. K20-EF9

    Any fly fishers on here?

    Yea fly fishing is the best form for me too, havent had chance over the last few years but my god its still fresh in mind the fight I had to land a 8lbs salmon lol, I thought the fly rod was going to snap was a serious battle to get him in lol.
  6. K20-EF9

    Sili's EKK20 NightHawk

    Great build mate!!! Nice work on the garage too......Get up pictures of the defi din fitted! :D
  7. K20-EF9

    Gregers JDM 96 DC2

    It looks sweet mate! Id swap out those ganador mirrors for set of Spoon cf ones though as will look better in line with the carbon bits on front.
  8. K20-EF9

    Huge thanks to Vtec6000 for mapping my ek9

    Good result there! Ya didnt sell the K20 Dc2 did ya?
  9. K20-EF9

    Castrol Syntrax 75W-140 *quick answer needed*

    Silkolene Sylktran Syn 5 Thats what I run my gearbox with uprated fd and lsd.
  10. K20-EF9

    Views on PUlsar GTiR's

    I think they look awesome, like said before upto 350bhp they dont require much money to be thrown at it, after that reliability may suffer so just be prepared to pay for some reinforcement measures for the gearbox, uprated clutch etc. Pretty much the same for any turbo car really. Like a...
  11. K20-EF9

    Tanabe vs Skunk2

    Never mind the Megapower (60mm) , get the Megapower R (70mm) or Megapower RR (76mm) the later would be more suited for highly tuned bseries or a kswap application so the Megapower R would probably be best suited for you.
  12. K20-EF9

    Phoenix Yellow EK9

    That is selling for nothing!
  13. K20-EF9

    EK9 from Denmark!

    Looking great man! Your treating it well!
  14. K20-EF9

    Mugen EF9 JTCC Themed Replica

    Looking great man! Get those TAKATA's fitted ASAP! ;)
  15. K20-EF9

    Organising a Scotland meet?

    Edinburgh better location :P
  16. K20-EF9

    Garage 786- 9.9 @ 153mph

    That is a serious time man! Fairplay!
  17. K20-EF9

    Newbie :D

    Welcome along!
  18. K20-EF9

    inbox full

    inbox full
  19. K20-EF9

    Replaced my ek9 with this....

    The SiR bootlid is different alright. Might aswel carbon the whole car while your at it with the c/f spoon mirrors in the from of spoiler, lip and bootlid. Would look well. Id also remove those round fogs in the front bumper too. The amber oem ones are plenty.