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    My 21st B DAY on the weekend and time for my EK9 to be insured :D

    sounds like a good bday present :nice:
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    Racing or destruction derby?

    lol wow nice vid
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    leek9's ek9 video part 2

    wow picks up real good!!
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    >> DV8's EK9 <<

    wheels look great :nice:
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    Refreshing my EK4 project

    looks great :nice:
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    PS13 Silvia SR20DET Redtop

    looks great :nice:
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    *****IAMHOLLYWOOD photography EK Hatch inside!!!*****

    looks amazing thats y i asked nice car madd props
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    Asr / function 7

    bump.. good price
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    Spoon Fixed damper and progressive spring

    bump.. and good luck on sale
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    civic typerr uk spec

    sounds great but that body is ugly!!
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    wat do tink about

    na dont do it spend the money some where else
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    *****IAMHOLLYWOOD photography EK Hatch inside!!!*****

    thats a 96-98 bumper but is that 2 lips on it? or which lip is that looks sick!! props
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    Projects For Fit k20A and pics ek 96 4 door

    fit looks awesome!!
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    that stupid ad!!!!!

    ive never seen that ad...?
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    Beautiful White EK

    wow looks great the rims ehh different rims wit the same offset wouldve looked betta
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    **New pictures of my Vogue Silver ek9**

    :nice: looking good
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    Brand New Rays Wheel Nuts - Red!

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    what u guys think?

    not worth the work
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    ek carpet red or black

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    Friday the 13th!!! Typical

    thats sucks dude