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  1. Alfa27

    Oem radiator stay

  2. Alfa27

    Oem radiator stay

    Sorry meant for a ek9. Or does anyone have part number for them off Honda? I've being told they have being discontinued
  3. Alfa27

    Oem radiator stay

    As above. Must be in good condition and oem. No aftermarket stuff please. PayPal waiting. Thanks
  4. Alfa27

    Car Culture 2015 "25th/26th July"

    Nope. I'm in yellow...
  5. Alfa27

    Car Culture 2015 "25th/26th July"

    I'm in that photo......
  6. Alfa27

    Car Culture 2015 "25th/26th July"

    Sure throw them up on this thread.
  7. Alfa27

    Car Culture 2015 "25th/26th July"

    That corsa was ment to be 500bhp so I've being told. Timing gear was messed up but otherwise it went ok.
  8. Alfa27

    Car Culture 2015 "25th/26th July"

    I don't think so. 5/6 at most. If u book the drag racing it gives you the weekend pass too
  9. Alfa27

    Car Culture 2015 "25th/26th July"

    Yup I will be there. Helping run the drag racing. Anyone looking to race drop me a pm.
  10. Alfa27

    oem solenoid cover

    B16b. I am trying to build a ek9 like one that came from the factory.
  11. Alfa27

    oem solenoid cover

    I've tried honda for the above but they don't come separate and I would have to buy the whole unit(€300). Anyone know where I could get one?
  12. Alfa27

    Ek9 plate recess

    I have a cw one here but one tab is broken if you find nothing else.
  13. Alfa27

    Newbie from Ireland

    Hey Ross.
  14. Alfa27

    Genuine unfaded ek9 badges

    There stickers not badges.
  15. Alfa27


    I have a cw one here but one of the tabs are broken
  16. Alfa27

    Oil Filter Removal?

    @simauto sell them. Bought one lately off him
  17. Alfa27


    Any double din deletes in stock? Could you pm me a price posted to Tipperary please.
  18. Alfa27

    Preface lift or facelift?

    If you want a F/L hold out and wait but as said already it's down to personal preference. Saying that I prefer the preface lift and I got a facelift.