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  1. Houdrummer

    Some pics with my new wheels

    this pic wont show so heres the link*Nm6w15lN1uh-6tnZZku*fG87rhHzKCMidR/noplaterearredrims.jpg
  2. Houdrummer

    Some pics with my new wheels

  3. Houdrummer

    Post best pic of your car

    Thank you sir!
  4. Houdrummer

    Post best pic of your car

    Just did this today. Saw a pic like this on some website of a del sol and I wanted to recreate it.
  5. Houdrummer

    JDM EK4 SiR OEM wheel set up

    That is for the 2 different rims that come on the vehicles. Like for example the base model comes with 14" rims and the SIR comes with 15" rims. They just use the same sticker for both cars to save a little bit of cash. As for the 4WD, I think they probably use that sticker in the CRV also but...
  6. Houdrummer

    My Ej6 from Miami FL, (USA)

    Honestly, what does a volt meter help you with if youre all about looks though. I'm not trying to talk **** I just think that its a useless gauge. I mean, anybody that knows how their car feels can tell when it is low on power, headlights will dim, the car will idle funny when you turn on your...
  7. Houdrummer

    *~~~~~EK Night Pics FTW!~~~~~*

    I first and foremost want to thank you for posting pictures all the time, Your car is nice to look at, Like A big tittied woman
  8. Houdrummer

    Ek9 tucked!!! Picture Heavy

    Definitely needs to be shaved now! Looking good though. I did a semi tuck and it took about 4 hours. I'm not gonna relocate the battery or brake booster or fuse box or remove my A/C but I do plan on shaving the bay.
  9. Houdrummer

    Spoon Sports Europe

    What about ?
  10. Houdrummer

    Really stupid question

    Are those you alls original keys? I have one like that from my eg6 and if I'm not mistaken the EK keys look like the accord key with no accent lines and it just has the H on it instead of saying "honda"
  11. Houdrummer

    My EJ6 JDM EK4 SIR wannabe

    That's not all that happened though, I also lost a fog light and broke my lip. I am not gonna replace the fog because I am gonna put some air ducts there for my brakes (the calipers caught fire that night from the extreme braking and crappy pads) and I am gonna buy the Wings West lip in a couple...
  12. Houdrummer

    My EJ6 JDM EK4 SIR wannabe

    When I had those headlights I bought some orange led bulbs off of ebay. I took them out because my turn signals were flashing fast and that is a little too ricer for me. You should see the headlights now, check em out on this link...
  13. Houdrummer

    My EJ6 JDM EK4 SIR wannabe

    Thanks. :nice:
  14. Houdrummer

    My Ej6 from Miami FL, (USA)

    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? LMAO, I hope your not serious. But seriously though, if I were you I...
  15. Houdrummer

    My EJ6 JDM EK4 SIR wannabe

    I totally ****ed up the rims while turning my neighbor hood into a track the other night. I hit the apex on a few turns too close and scratched 3 of them. I'm gonna buy some Mugen RNR's soon.
  16. Houdrummer

    Mugen CR-V

    You should slap the b20 into your hatch. The mugen cr-v is nice. I like the LED fogs, plus it has a spoiler similar to the ek9
  17. Houdrummer

    1.8 stroker kit - Spoon rods, polished & balanced crank

    This deserves a BUMP for Spoon!
  18. Houdrummer

    My ek today in the snow

    Looks cool. I've seen snow on my car only once but didn't have my camera so I couldn't get any good pics. I will probably never have that opportunity again since that was a very rare occurrence. It never snows in Texas.
  19. Houdrummer

    Some retrofit stuff I did and my spare wheels.

    thanks. They are the bottlecap rims from the Old 3 series Bemers.
  20. Houdrummer

    Some retrofit stuff I did and my spare wheels.

    I put my spare wheels on after a fresh coat of paint just to see how they looked so I took some pics. Also want to show everyone the retrofit job I did with my headlights and gauge cluster. LMK what yall think!