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  1. J


    Average 22mpg ish, car runs rich and a tend to live in vtec :O not bored of it yet, although my wallet is :-)
  2. J

    I'm thinking about breaking my EK9

    I like alfa's, would love the old gtv6 but they are too much now good luck with breaking your car :-) let us know how you get on
  3. J

    I'm thinking about breaking my EK9

    Amen ecsy, I feel your pain. Won't swear on here but I have said some bad things about the irish dude I bought my car off, short cuts and then SOME! See your car is on eBay for breaking? PS alfa 147? Out the frying pan into the fire? Lol :-)
  4. J

    I'm thinking about breaking my EK9

    Lmao, mine was advertised as perfect tight gearbox but high rpm it crunches into 4th and it aparently used no oil...... It drinks the stuff lol Shame you live so far away would of sponsored you some sympathy pints :-) not all negative though, I do really enjoy driving it (had some pennies...
  5. J

    I'm thinking about breaking my EK9

    There is a headlamp restoring kit by meguiars that worked a treat on mine :-) my 9 was described as immaculate and 80% tyres etc... Had to replace two tyres just to mot it lol
  6. J

    I'm thinking about breaking my EK9

    You do get what you pay for yes but I was seriously lied to and by the time you paid for your flights and hotel you just complete the deal best you can and go home lol Sent Escy - non original front lights on your car :-( I have spare originals you can buy (start of the money pit lol) if you...
  7. J

    hello folks

    Hi Liam, you can buy my 9 if you like :-) lol welcome to the site, word of warning though.... If you get a ek9 you will daily check the for sale section on here :-)
  8. J

    I'm thinking about breaking my EK9

    Oh and I think the sale rules should be tweaked to allow genuine ek9 owners to sell there cars on here hence the site title, cba spamming till 250 :-)
  9. J

    I'm thinking about breaking my EK9

    Hi mate, I bought mine from Ireland and it has been a money pit :'( don't dare total up what I have spent on it, all I can say is NEVER buy from Ireland. Mine was described as immaculate :-$ anyway my mate put mine through an mot but did mention it was running very rich, I am honestly...
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    ruined ek9 :O

    What's wrong with it?????? Lol kidding
  11. J

    Smokey V-Tec

    I will book it in this week for a check, very sensible thank you
  12. J

    Smokey V-Tec

    Need some local advice on where to send my 9 for head work? I am based in wigan and dont really know where to send it? Any suggestions welcomed please :thanks:
  13. J

    K20 ek9 .. Last offers before breaking !!

    Onboard video would be nice :-)
  14. J

    Rear light clusters

    I am looking for some facelift rear lights if anyone has some for sale, well nearside but will buy both if needs be
  15. J

    2000 RX ek9

    Glwts, really nice looking ek9.
  16. J

    EK9 Passenger Recaro (seat only).

    Bet you were gutted when the rear of this seat was damaged lol. See you have other parts for sale, don't have rear lights by any chance?
  17. J

    Opinions on the new headlights for my 9

    Originals preferred :-)
  18. J

    AEM v1 or v2

    Hit a puddle by accident? Pull over switch off and walk home? Lol most probably look to sell it and buy something more safe :-$
  19. J

    AEM v1 or v2

    i have had my v1 fitted for about a week (originally bought it with oem pipe and a hks mushroom filter) i am worried the filter will get wet, take it i am right to worry??????