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    Irish peeps

    where are you staying fella? good t see you brought the weather with ya lol
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    Rigid Collars

    @shaun, have sent a PM thanks Andy
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    Hello from NI

    welcome mate. where abouts are you from? think i recognise the DC2, immaculate doesn't come close :)
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    hi mate, are you still making the eknine windscreen decals?

    hi mate, are you still making the eknine windscreen decals?
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    Gearbox with 4.7 drive

    man i think shane has 1, if not am sure he could sort it!:thanks:
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    Alarm problems...Toad Ai606

    sounds like u could have bad earths buddy. especially if having moved parts the other side stops too. check ALL your earths, especially main alarm brain to chassis is there not a decent ICE place near you? wouldn't take a lot for them to diagnose, loads of Toad registered installers in UK...
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    I'm loosing interest help!!!!!!

    3 years ago in august i took my EG6 off the road for what was meant to be a simple cam change....i then got further in and talked myself into a full rebuild... for 6 mionths it was going ok, then i hit a wall, and couldn't be bothered with it....the car sat in the garage for about 18 months...
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    Insurance(N Ireland)

    not a worry mate ;) if there's any other mathematical problems u have just drop me a pm :nice:
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    Insurance(N Ireland)

    Quote: Originally Posted by neiller your age will not help your cause , admiral was my best . they insure it as a vti-r . mine came in at £510 . but iam 15 years older (sounds scarie saying that) happy hunting How are you insured at 15!?? 19+15=34........... and i'm no Carlo...
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    Red EK9 carpet

    Cheers chris, appreciate a pic, mail if u want James much u lookin for it?
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    Red EK9 carpet

    i am after a Red EK9 carpet but must be in good condition (no burns or oil stains), bit of dirt that can be steam cleaned i can handle! :please:
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    new member-eg6 VTi

    cheers folks..... love the eg6, had it for over 7 years now, she's a keeper :) ek9 will be an addition to the family! full ground up rebuild bodywork tidy up and full respray (Milano Red, what else) complete engine rebuild (was planning on B18C but have sourced a B16B so saving a few extra...
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    new member-eg6 VTi

    hey foilks, been perving over for a long while, thought i'd maybe join in ok ok 1st things 1st, i don't drive an ek9 ..... i'm an EG6 man!! but hey, i'm just ur older brother!!! always had a thing for EK9's and WILL have one as a project as soon as the EG is completed. here is a...
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    Dunsys EK9

    212bhp??? nice spec!!! looks well man, not keen on hoops but we have to be different :) any further plans??
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    Banzai Car of the month

    fantastic lad well done..... wasn't sure about the rims when i 1st flicked through Readers Rides section....but they have grew on me!!! can't believe u went for a Skoda and didn't B18 it!!!
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    Black Ek9 200 Rx

    stunning, black really contrasts so well with the red recaros and anthracite hoops!!! grrr dilemmas over paint continue when i see a black civic, damn it!
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    obi's ek...

    sick spec list, comin on really well.....but less is more!!!! don't go overboard with the Spoon thing dude :op sw388's are just stunning
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    My slow but sure EK4 build up!

    brilliant man cheers, the purchase has been made! yes been at it for a while, but to be honest 18month of this i had the car locked away in a garage and never looked near it! 6 months ago i got the urge again and have been workin flat since! i'll send u a few pics, pm me ur email!
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    Dans EK9 Type R

    love it!! is an awesome project and ever changing :) great build thread too
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    my ek9

    bit of a step up from a rover :D looks really well mate, personally i'd colour code the bonnet (or source pre-facelift) and lower a tad, seems a little high especially at the rear