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  1. J

    b18 crank

    £ 250 delivered to the uk. pm me if interested
  2. J

    lightweight flywheels

    i have this fly wheel in my k20, seems fine to me, certainly helps it rev round quicker.
  3. J

    Honda MTF

    thats a shame, Now they actually sell it by the litre the days of going to the parts desk with a 20 note and an empty 5l tub for filling up may be over !
  4. J

    15inch Rota Slipstreams

    you want to speak to olly ek9 he runs slip streams with the red lip for his summer tyres (R888s) i am sur he has some pics.
  5. J

    K20 teg - steering Technical Question

    Cheers Will, i will look into this as a solution. When i finish paying off my wedding bills I will deffo be in touch for a Will Tune !:nice:
  6. J

    K20 teg - steering Technical Question

    Hi people ive been away for a while as since getting a company car the Teg has not come out of the garage much untill funds have been saved to get some new coilover suspension. My car is a dc2 with a k20 swap from a dc5,as seen in the build thread. with the engine being lighter obiously i...
  7. J

    skunk2 coilovers

    i want a set of pro Cs for my dc2 - any body know where i can get some - bearing in mind i am in the uk, i dont mind getting them from the states but they will need to accept card sales from abroad ! - i usually use but they dont list skunk 2 coilovers .
  8. J

    How often do you change your oil?

    This thread reminds me i need to change my oil and filter, must get on opie and see what my pro-s will cost me !
  9. J

    eCtune into my UKDM DC2

    arrange some beerage and test drives macca ! but not in that order obviously !!
  10. J

    K20 DC2 Project,

    Afternoon people, I apologise for being away so long, I’ve started a new job and am getting married in a few weeks so have been busy recently. Ollyek9 emailed me a while back to ask if I could tell a little bit about what I thought of the car as a daily driver. I can sum it up in one word...
  11. J

    Help! white smoke coming out of exhaust!

    does it stop once the car and its exhaust has heated up to temp? my crx did this all the time and it was just condensation inside the pipe that would evaporate and stop once upto temp.
  12. J

    my b18c ek9(needs love&care)

    keep the b18c in there, as you also dont want the uk ep3 engine, the jdm dc5 engine is where its at and 2k as olly said wont go very far at all. nice eeek fix that bumper
  13. J

    Jimbobs' B18c EK9 Hondata Tuned + VIDs

    i need a willtune!
  14. J

    Tein Flex Coilover

    chris, how are you finding the tein coilovers. I need to get some coilovers for my teg but cant make up my mind between the tein ones and an edfc controler or a set of the new skunk2 ones ( pro c or pro s) where you can lower the suspension without effecting the spring rate as it is...
  15. J

    good one mate ! i cant believe how fast time has flown by, i get married in just over 3 months...

    good one mate ! i cant believe how fast time has flown by, i get married in just over 3 months ! ive spent the last few weeks sorting out my suits, getting rings etc ! hence no spends for the teg
  16. J

    Integra owner saying hi

    no thats fly wheel power i believe.
  17. J

    i hear congratulations are in order mate,

    i hear congratulations are in order mate,
  18. J

    Integra owner saying hi

    thankyou for the welcomes. i have allready taken ollys advice and am in communications with ek9turbo to get an estimate for a remap !
  19. J

    Integra owner saying hi

    Hi people, Im Justin, I have been a browswer of this site for ages but never signed up untill now. I am friends with olly ek9 and him and his brothers were the people who made it possible for us all to get my Integra working again after its engine failure. Its now a home to a K20 DC5...