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  1. rvm

    Hi! I’m new here

    Welcome! Beautiful cars :)
  2. rvm

    Civic Jordan 258 rebuild

    Beautiful car, I've always dreamt of having the desmond regamaster evo wheels on my ek :)
  3. rvm

    Civic ED7 K20A Racecar

  4. rvm

    Civic EE9 build/restoration, B16B soon

    Welcome and thanks for sharing! You can upload photos with a maximum size of 1.5MB to the forum :) If you need help resizing your images, let me know, I can help you. BTW I resized your images and uploaded them to the forum. Greetings from Guatemala :)
  5. rvm

    [FEATURED] JDM Combe - 20th July 2024

    Thanks @Dzero4 :)
  6. rvm

    My K24 Frank Turbo EK9

  7. rvm Sticker's for sale

  8. rvm

    What tires on OEM wheels?

    Bridgestone potenza ir also another great option.
  9. rvm

    What tires on OEM wheels?

  10. rvm

    Rear strut bar Install

    Can't find the template :(
  11. rvm Sticker's for sale

    We should also make more of these
  12. rvm

    New US Ek9 owner

    Your setup is my dream setup, the Toda cams will sound so good you will see. I'm pretty sure you will get around 220 whp :)
  13. rvm

    Teggymuns Dc2

    Wheels look very good! :) Congratulations.
  14. rvm

    New US Ek9 owner

    Awesome motor setup, what's your guess on whp after tuning?
  15. rvm

    Mugen Airbox - filter and arm?

    I used a generic arm from a cheap/generic intake once, you just need 2 adjustable fasteners. Hope this helps.
  16. rvm

    Update on H-swap EK

    I hope you can get this sorted out soon. Love your build :)
  17. rvm Sticker's for sale

    I think that @B16Swt can ship to Portugal, please wait for his confirmation :)
  18. rvm

    attention scammer

  19. rvm Sticker's for sale

    I also hope to be able to ship stickers in a near future. :)
  20. rvm Sticker's for sale

    Thank you!