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  1. _JT

    First swiss EK9 (TypeRx) and modding story

    Such a thread full of awesomeness, thank you :)
  2. _JT

    DC2 ITR K24 Frankenstein Build (DYNO Result)

    Holy sh1t, that's an insane build! What a destroyer must that be.
  3. _JT

    Terry’s EM1 project

    I really don't know to be honest. Back then I grabbed a workplace manual from Honda. But I would expect them all to be servicable from the top. I would expect perhaps 3-4 at most? But again, that was quite a while ago :)
  4. _JT

    Terry’s EM1 project

    Oh right, earth, I had a feeling I was using the wrong term. But translation websites didn't do so well either :D
  5. _JT

    Terry’s EM1 project

    Respect for all the love and car you put into this, makes for a wonderfull story considering who was the previous owner. About the ignition problems, you could checl all mass points from the engine on both sides. It wouldn't explain why it mostly happens when cold, but I once had problems with...
  6. _JT

    1998 CIVIC

    Awesome mate. Looks good. I once swapped in a JDM B16A to my EG5, it was extremely gratifying when it was done.
  7. _JT

    attention scammer

    Thanks. User also seems to use VPN. That on itself doesn't make him a criminal but it adds up to the other stuff. Unfortunately I don't have the rights to ban users anymore. Edit: lol I'm still a forum BOFH apparently - user banned ;)
  8. _JT

    Super Rare Y56 Honda Civic EK4 SiR - Only Known Y56 EK4 SiR In The UK

    The ultimate color! That looks really great!
  9. _JT

    98 spec Integra Type R

    Looks good! Great to see it be restored.
  10. _JT

    Teggymuns Dc2

    Really nice dude.
  11. _JT

    My EK9.... take 2

    Wow, that looks really mint! Tastefull mods too.
  12. _JT

    My new car and it ain't a Honda...

    You're from the UK right? On the other side of the north sea rust issues are not as bad as in the UK but it's not like it's souther Spain here either (luckily in terms of heat). Another problem is the price, the cheapest S2k's here are 19k pounds. That's in a totally different league than my...
  13. _JT

    My new car and it ain't a Honda...

    It's been a while! I have sourced a few parts that I have laying around now. A nice subtle trunk spoiler lip, Bilstein B12, differential with LSD. Hoping to do the spoiler lip, suspension and powder coated wheels more or less at the same time, will post pics of the result. Unfortunately I have...
  14. _JT

    My VI-RS (17000km), Supercharged B finally mapped

    Cool. Time to kill all modern hot hatches :D
  15. _JT

    My VI-RS (17000km), Supercharged B finally mapped

    What a wonderfull project. I'm wondering, why 3" for a N/A 1.8? Sounds a bit big to me, I would guess exhaust gas velocity would be lowered diminishing the scavenging effect?
  16. _JT

    Civic FD2

    Lovely car mate. Hope to own one some day.
  17. _JT

    Teggymuns Dc2

    Good to see you take care of her! What does that amount of work in the UK cost? I think here you'd be thinking of 2500 - 3000 euro's.
  18. _JT

    Any og's still on here?

    Great car mate. Personally still looking into buying a DC2, EK9 or FD2 again. My MX5 NC is lovely but the engine is shite. Prices are rising and we have a wonderfull new house so we'll see if it will ever be attainable again. Have fun with your car!
  19. _JT

    Trying to restore a 1997 EK9 to its former self

    Really cool project to restore the car instead of breaking! How do you think this compares to the Clio you had?
  20. _JT

    Any og's still on here?

    This. I would love to get this board to be more active again. What can we do to get this going again? Maybe rvm can chime in on this. Send all members an e-mail. Something like "Fsck Facebook, let's get this more active!"