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  1. Tsuchinoko

    Engine Knocking/Help! B16B engine.

    Check the ignition timing. What ECU are you using?
  2. Tsuchinoko

    really bad idle problem help. Finally sorted

    Check your fuel pressure regulator.
  3. Tsuchinoko

    Rota Slipstream 15' 4x100 fitment ET40

    Done! Sorry about that
  4. Tsuchinoko

    Rota Slipstream 15' 4x100 fitment ET40

    Reputation: Price: £370 Paypal: Yes Location: Portugal Condition: Like new Description: Rota Slipstream Gun metal 15x6,5 4x100 ET40 11.9 lbs per wheel
  5. Tsuchinoko

    picture of the day.

  6. Tsuchinoko

    B18C6 cam choice

    Beetween those 2 id go with S2 S2
  7. Tsuchinoko

    B18C6 cam choice

    What is your current setup?
  8. Tsuchinoko

    New - Motul Sport 5W-40 at Opie Oils

    Do you know the amount of zinc in this new 5w40 Motul oil?
  9. Tsuchinoko

    Bent valves b16b

    IMO oem valves are very good and i wouldn't change them for anything else. As for the springs and retainers just go with the same brand as the camshafts.
  10. Tsuchinoko

    jdm b18c sir-g slow

    Did you checked the ignition timing?
  11. Tsuchinoko

    VTEC from the engine bay

    Nice video m8 and nice sound ;)
  12. Tsuchinoko

    decent all rounder tyre

    I like Hankook RS-2 for daily drive.
  13. Tsuchinoko

    b16b head upgrages??

    IMO if money is not problem JUN type 3 with JUN valve springs and type 2 retainers just like my head :naughty: No other cam will make more peak power. Toda if you want a track machine with more mid range :nice:
  14. Tsuchinoko

    b16b head upgrages??

    Stay with oem intake manifold.
  15. Tsuchinoko

    b16b head upgrages??

    Stay with oem valves, try some Skunk2 Stage2 camshafts with Skunk2 valve springs you will be happy :nice:
  16. Tsuchinoko

    Brake Advice. New discs/change?

    Do you use a dial gauge when assembly the brake discs?
  17. Tsuchinoko

    Performance Exhausts

    Kakimoto Fujitsubo Seeker Hytech SMSP Buddyclub
  18. Tsuchinoko

    Brake pad review thread.

    Good thread mate :nice:, should be great to have one for camshafts :secret: Manufacturer: Ferodo Model/Type: Racing DS3000 Car and model: Civic EG6 Use: Street/Track Supplier/Distributor: Circuit Supplies Price: ~£160 (I can't remember exactly) Pros: Good bite in cold...
  19. Tsuchinoko

    Took my car for a spin and got a shot

    Mirror finish :nice: