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  1. BuddyClubctr

    Dunlop slicks

    Anyone used them before??? What tyre pressure do you recomend for the drag strip??
  2. BuddyClubctr

    Lets all take a minute, to laugh at the 106 owners forum

    OMG THATS A SERIOUS LAUGH!!! i easily beat evos on start for a quarter mile and this guys with a stupid 140 bhp thing think that they can race type-rs??? omg theres no chance!! a type-r drive no matter if its ep or ek or eg who knows how to launch will be easily 1 car ahead as soon as he puts...
  3. BuddyClubctr

    Polishing skunk2 inlet

    how do you polish it m8??
  4. BuddyClubctr

    Mental EK! Can anyone explain??

    it cant be a reversed head as the timing belt is still on the right hand side!! so the engine is in right position!! maybe they made that b series ignite anti clock wise??
  5. BuddyClubctr

    darton dry and wet sleeves

    thanks for the info guys :)
  6. BuddyClubctr

    darton dry and wet sleeves

    whats the difference between the darto wet and dry sleeves? anyone knows??
  7. BuddyClubctr

    Considering building a B20

    one thing you all forgetto mention its that you ahve to use the b18 oil pump and the b18 oil sump for the conversion!! also a good thing if you can do get the oil cooler from b18 and put it on the b20 it helps a lot
  8. BuddyClubctr

    Skunk2 Megapower R

    2mrow ll go back to my town ll take you a vid o my high comp b series with megapower 3inch system get ready for megaphone explosion :P
  9. BuddyClubctr

    Nitrous oxide AKA NOS!

    we are all aware of the existance of nitrous!! why we dont use it??? 1st. in case of accident or any leakage car will go boom in seconds 2nd. because of that if the police stops you and you have nitrous in car you go straight to jail for the above reason!! you are like a moving bomb ready to...
  10. BuddyClubctr

    EK9 Speedo Question

    i studied automotive engineering if you tell me your fd ratio your 5th gear ratio the rpms you had and your wheel radius i can calculate the speed for you m8
  11. BuddyClubctr

    engine has a lot of horsepower but not that fast??

    i cant have a quarter mile time because our drag track is 300 meters only and we race in a street track that is a straight road with no traffic!! so the spec list is: b20 bottom end with b16b head!! aem ecu aem pressure regulator aem fuel rail 70mm throttle body and work done on the intake...
  12. BuddyClubctr

    engine has a lot of horsepower but not that fast??

    i have the aem pressure regulator with gauge on the rail and aem ecu msd coil they seem to work ok no knocks while it revs
  13. BuddyClubctr

    engine has a lot of horsepower but not that fast??

    my other engine wich cracked the sleeves had only 203 whp and 19kg torque but felt way more torqy and was faster!! my big ???? is why some times come to the quarter mile with 160 kmh and some with 175 or 180 kmh?? are they good for this whp and torque?
  14. BuddyClubctr

    engine has a lot of horsepower but not that fast??

    Hello guys sorry if this is the wrong section for this post!! I have a very healthy motor wich was set up 2 months ago it made 224 whp and 22kgs of torque!! with the standar s4c gearbox!! but i dont feel that the car is fast enough for the horses it has!! plus sometimes i run quarter mile and...
  15. BuddyClubctr

    Buddyclub Front Camber Arms

    i heard about it again!! i run my buddyclub cambers for 2 years now with their factory bolts and had no issues!!!! just make sure you dont overtight do them exact as the liflet says!! ps our roads here are full of holes and bumbs !!
  16. BuddyClubctr

    Skunk2 front cambers real vs fake????

    Hello friends, i am about to purchase a front camber kit for my ek9!! ll get a skunk2 for ebay. anyone can help me identify who sells fake skunk2 front cambers and wich one is real??
  17. BuddyClubctr

    EP3 K20 owners. All please reply, both standard and modified

    ive seen this appear a lot...but only on cars with changed air filter and removed catalist...
  18. BuddyClubctr

    Torque Settings

    they are very important to all parts especially if you are not familiar with bolts tightening but the most important is the head studs crankshaft cams etc other things if are tighten a bit more or a bit less wont create problem!! i dont have the settings for eg btu a quick search it google will...
  19. BuddyClubctr

    Christmas Special: Front/Rear disc sets

    do you ship to cyprus m8"?? what would be the cost?? for ek9 2000 model