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  1. CR1S

    OMFG Who's is this car??

    At the end of the day it's not a used car. It's a fully set up race car with some serious parts. Can't evaluate it like its on auto trader.
  2. CR1S

    Thinking of getting a Civic ej9

    Also insurance. Even a EJ9 will be pricey. Awesome little cars thought. I had one for 2 years and still to this day, after many performance cars that was the car I love the most. Still keep in contact with the guy who currently owns it to make sure he's not done anything stupid to it!
  3. CR1S

    Supercharged B Series

    I'm not entirely sure why people still buy superchargers. I don't really see the positives. Unless it's something like a V8
  4. CR1S

    Anyone trained in CNC machines?

    Well tbh a lot of colleges are the same. Useless. I think you'd be better off trying to shadow some one on Saturdays or something and then trying to get a job as a trainee. I don't feel a lot of the colleges have what's needed to really get you good at it. I work on the maintenance on Star CNC...
  5. CR1S

    Drivers side driveshaft urgent!!

    How the **** does that even happen lol Suicidal drive shafts You are right though EP3s are fake Type Rs
  6. CR1S

    Meet Bumblebee

    I cant see them either, something about bandwidth
  7. CR1S

    5 Panel Wink Mirror UK?

    I have a convexed broadway in my MX5, Reall good on a convertible as you having nothing blocking your vision. It's your car, your money. Put a dildo on the bonnet if you want. If that makes you happy
  8. CR1S

    Ep3 vs Dc5

    Turbo your DC5. It's your car that you have built. Not some one else's. Are you ever going to really trust some one else's turbo build. And it's just an EP3
  9. CR1S

    Nightmare with insurance

    What did you so in the end. Out if interest
  10. CR1S

    Nightmare with insurance

    Cover it on one of those zero mile policies. Like when you are planning to keep it in a garage. Then temp cover it for a day when you drive it back home.
  11. CR1S

    She's popped on the Ring :-(

    I agree with this. Id rather have the car with a standard B18 than not at all
  12. CR1S

    Rhonda the tro of love...

    Good progress mate! lotta work gone into this
  13. CR1S

    *** 28 sickspeed lug nuts***

    What are they made out of?
  14. CR1S

    The s2000

    Looking good mate. Suprise suprise I need my roof doing as well Bloody soft tops
  15. CR1S

    NEED Temp cover ASAP!

    Performance cars arnt to hard to insure, its modified when you have problems. I got pretty much the whole way to paying before it told me that the car had to be completely standard lol So just watch out Are you not 3rd party through other insurance
  16. CR1S

    D15 into a EJ9 help

    Or just save for an EK4 :)
  17. CR1S

    Civic Jordan #228 (B18C track build)

    God. Now I've got no excuse lol. Might just do this
  18. CR1S

    Civic Jordan #228 (B18C track build)

    Awesome! How did you go about cutting those holes. Wanna do the same on mine but I worry I will balls it up! Lol
  19. CR1S

    D15 into a EJ9 help

    Any not to mension that it won't make any real different. Just save some money. Wait a year or so. And buy a car that's already quicker. Which the money you will "waste" doing all this you could easily spend that on a already quick car. For example I had a d14 EJ. Had it for two years. Did a...
  20. CR1S

    ////////massive clear out part 2\\\\\\\

    Christ you must have a big garage lol