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  1. wasabi

    Rota Fighters 4x100 4x114.3

  2. wasabi

    Free Rota GT3's EK9 Fitment - Glasgow

    That's very generous
  3. wasabi

    TEGIWA DECATS,,steer clear they are shocking.

    Anyone suggest a good 2.5 adjustable decat other than funky power? Has the tegiwa decat improved? I am looking to buy one asap.
  4. wasabi JAE Stand!

    This still happening?
  5. wasabi

    Pair of 4x100 15" or 16" black rota slipstream wheels

    As title. With or without tyres. Send me a PM.
  6. wasabi

    Oem Honda facelift ek9 ek4 front lip in black

    Anyone have an Honda facelift ek9 ek4 front lip in black? I need one with all tabs intact. Send me a PM.
  7. wasabi

    Ek9 Interior For Sale

    How much for the rear seatbelts?
  8. wasabi

    Integra Type R DC2 breaking (ukdm)

    How much for the engine conversion and woul you install in an ej9 too?
  9. wasabi

    EM1 wheels and tyres or 15"/16" rota alloys

    Anyone have a spare set of em1 wheels and tyres to pass mot or 15"/16" rota slipstreams/grids/fighters? As near to london as possible.
  10. wasabi

    What are the details on your company and the process of importing?

    What are the details on your company and the process of importing?
  11. wasabi

    Facelift ek4

    Looking for a facelift ek4 (or b series conversion) in a dark colour. Complete interior please. Send me a PM.
  12. wasabi

    Honda Ruckus bonus-ball raffle, £30 a ticket!

    Got my prize from your girlfriend lastnight.
  13. wasabi

    Spoon Progessive Springs EK

    Your prayers have been answered. There is a set in the for sale section.
  14. wasabi

    vsm ej9!!

    My Vsm ej9 auto in london available
  15. wasabi

    Roof rack

    got one. Pls delete
  16. wasabi

    Wanted: Very Good Condition EJ9 Steering Wheel

    I have two available. Ej9 or ek4. London collection.