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    aftermarket exhaust for ek9

    as title says guys what u got??
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    Lots off goodies for sale

    awrite m8 al take the plug cover can pick it up only stay 20 mins up the road,how much collected?
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    tie bar

    looking for a standard rear lower tie bar??
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    spoon n1 for ek9

    much u wantin for the n1 if for sale?
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    B18c Block and Box!

    ru talking bout a straight swap and its 500 for the fitment?
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    awrite anyone have an ek9 gearbox for sale?:please:
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    Sensible uprated road suspension

    how much u wantin for them?
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    spoon b pipe ireland

    go 2 there web site and c for urself
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    dc2 airbox

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    spoon b pipe ireland

    u can get 1 for £270 off tokyo-express!!!
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    dc2 airbox

    what do u mean by modded?if it will fit an ek9 al take it pm me!!
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    dc2 airbox

    awrite guys lookin for dc2 airbox cash waitin??
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    Breaking the B18 ek :(

    how much for the steering wheel and boss?
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    Focus ST & Astra VXR = Wimps

    a mate of mine has an astra vxr we had a wee blast 1 nyt no on the bk roads tho was l8 at nyt no traffic there was loads of round abouts then straights goin in 2 the round abouts then off the straight a was up his arse then a gd bit on he was jst gettin away not that much tho:)
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    whats best??

    cool guys had a look on fp web site they still sell the stroker kit!wud the pistons from the stroker kit fit in or wud the block need bored out?and wud it make alot more power than a standard ek9??
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    whats best??

    do u know the guy?did he do it himself and what power did he make?
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    whats best??

    cheers for the comments guys still duno what 2 do av seen a b20 block with a b16b head on it for £550 :)
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    whats best??

    thanx for that m8! basically a cud get a b20 block pistons etc an use my b16 head a think??
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    whats best??

    cool wud the stroker get the same amount of power a b18 wud?