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  1. eamon EK9

    Advise on oil for honda race quad!!

    Hi just got a Honda 450R TRX, does any body have one ?and wat oil do u recommend?? for engine & gearbox any help much appreciated thanks:nice:
  2. eamon EK9

    Best 4-1 manifold?? Anybody..

    Hi as above Wats the best 4-1 manifold which does not hit the ground, The car isn't low, that's the bit annoys me!! Any ideas let me no cheers..
  3. eamon EK9

    Honda civic Fog light wanted!!

    As title fog light drivers side lence or full lamp.. must be yellow.. View link for pictures.. to fit ek4 civic, please let me no wat u got:nice: DEPO 1996 1997 1998 HONDA CIVIC JDM J-SPEC YELLOW LENS FOG LIGHTS PAIR | eBay
  4. eamon EK9

    Dizzy troble HELP

    Hi have a mb6 vti, The car will run/ idel prefect, but once the hit the throdle the engine just cuts out, funny fault like.. I fitted a new coil and ignition coil module in the dizzy but made no difference.. try'd an other dizzy on a cars fine.. anybody any ideas? r had this fault? Thanks...
  5. eamon EK9

    Type R CAMS

    Hi all just need some advice.. Wat's the difference with b16b cams til b18c? How can u tell the difference by lookn at them? Feel free to post picture Thanks:))
  6. eamon EK9

    Where To Buy V-TEC DOHC Stickers

    Hi lookn the get the gunuine v-tec stickers for my rear doors. Are they any body on here selln them? thanks..:nice:
  7. eamon EK9

    Hi any EK9'S out there for sale?

    Hi lookn for a ek9 type r.. must be 99-00 facelift model white. also lookn for 1.6 in log book. must be immaculate inside and out/ standerd condition. Im in donegal Ireland.. sure if u no any one or any body has one let me no wats out there:drive:
  8. eamon EK9

    Hi help! Vti spiltter wanted

    Hi all out there.. Im look for a VTi front spiltter for a honda civic mb6 VTi 1997-2000. Look for pirates black.. But let me no wat u got. Cash waitn!!!!! Will try to get picture up. Thanks:drive:
  9. eamon EK9

    Hi help! Vti spiltter wanted