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  1. B16b Steve

    Py ek9 or Jordan

    Spotted a py ek9 or could be a Jordan with white alloys looked very clean at sainsburys roundabout in leven Fife anyone on here
  2. B16b Steve

    Blue Aem fuel rail and regulator

    Hi guys anyone no were a can get a new aem fuel rail and reg prefer it to be in blue any help would be great
  3. B16b Steve

    Steering rack ek9

    Hi guys am looking for a mint condition power steering rack if anyone can help
  4. B16b Steve

    Blood sports n1 racing muffler

    Hi dose anyone have any info on this exhaust
  5. B16b Steve

    Kango style ef9 spotted

    Hi seen a red fully cadged kango style ef9 stickers the lot last night it the roundabout at sainsburys leven fife anyone one here
  6. B16b Steve

    New to forum

    Hi guys newbie to forum spoon ek9 under constriction