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    Black Recaros wanted

    Black reclining recaros wanted please. DC2 / DC5 etc. All considered and willing to travel for the right set of seats. Please PM me if you have anything. Many thanks Tuf
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    EK9 rolling chassis please, Wanted

    Hi guys, EK9 rolling chassis wanted. Please post what you have or PM me. Regards Tuf
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    Hi guys and girls:drive:. Im planning to stick around on this forum, so could do with one of these threads and your valuable feedback for any dealings we may have. Please leave any feedback for me in here:nice:
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    Best shell for an EK K-swap? Difference between shells??

    Hi guys, im looking forward to doing a k-swap project very soon in the near future, already have some of the parts such as ITR subframe and steering rack, EKK2 K-swap mounts, gear linkages, selector box and soon will have an engine etc. I have been looking for a cheapish tidy ek9 shell for a...
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    Stolen civic type-R (video and pics included)

    Hey guys, a fellow member on our and had his FN2 stolen. It has couple of mugen stickers on side which will help spot it easily. If anyone comes across or sees it, please get in touch or report it asap- Location - East London/Essex.....Dagenham
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    Turbo EP3

    Copy and pasted from my new users 'hello' thread. I know it isnt a EK9, but joined this site as i am looking into moving onto a EK9 now or k20 an ek civic. Always really liked the look of them, i think its time i went for one. Might strip my ep3 below and sell on or sell as a whole. If...
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    Hi, ep3 owner.

    Hey guys im new to this forum. Im looking to move to a ek9 or a k20'd EK. I currently own a 382bhp honda civic type-r EP3. But ive always wanted to own a EK civic so really considering the move at the moment. Il be lurking around the forum and checking the tastey EK's:)) If there is a...