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    Evo V GSR with new engine and clutch, low miles, white

    hi folks, here is a link to the pistonheads advert for pictures, i attended a large japanese car meet on sunday when the weather was lovely and sunny so will post up more pictures very soon the car ------------------ moving on to new things have had...
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    Seibon Carbon Fibre Bonnet

    pleased to announce MWTech now authorised seibon dealer :) many parts available for the ek civics OEM carbon fibre bonnet, as seen here on my old ek9, excellent fitment and much lighter than the stock bonnet ( which i was suprised when taking it off, to be quite heavy! ) with a RRP of...
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    anyone fancy a ford puma! :D 37k miles! £1500 ono

    here is my daily runabout just took the plunge and bought my 1st ever brand new 0 miles car from a dealership *gulps* think im doing the right thing :D deposit is paid, but got about 6-8 weeks to wait due to the extras i chose with the car, nothing available anywhere at the moment so in...
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    Please add any feedback from doing business with us it is a very busy forum and hopefully have done well in satisfying everyone so far, long may it continue all comments welcome :) Martin
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    bought some new rare shoes for my car :P

    very comfy indeed ;) 18x10 et5!!!!!!!! no weak offsets here! now must develop compulsive cleaning disorder!
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    EK4 / EK9 silicone hose

    hi folks following the recent family loss im getting back into the step of things and placing a few bulk stock orders. one of which SFS silicone hoses for various cars. i thought a few of you would be interested in getting involved while im at it :) il be running the buy on other forums im...
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    Civic EJ9 wheel hub size??

    hi guys needing to clear something up curious to know what the overall hub diameter is for an EJ9 so i can get some spacers done. 4x100, 56.1 centre bore would they be the same as the ek4? thanks
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    Mazda RX7 FD3S - Big spec & fresh exterior

    Time has come lads, after owning the car for almost 4 years soon now. The decision has been made and sadly, its final. iv toyed with selling the car over the course of this year. a lot of you know me, and the car, and the various changes that have taken place during the time iv had the car...
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    Brand new womans ugg boots, perfect xmas gift!!

    alright folks to cut the story short, paid £279.99 cash for these in a shop last november, it was a gift for my gf at the time well...lets just say, that didnt work out, and i ended up keeping them lol anyways...dont ask how, but i managed to lose the receipt!! so, i have kept...
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    oil, brake fluid, and power steering filler caps thread size

    hi guys looking to getting a batch of the anodised filler caps made next week when all other orders are done what are the thread sizes of the above caps? cheers
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    Corbeau Seats & Luke Harnesses

    pleased to be able to supply these to the members of the forum the full range is available, recliner, fixed back, classic, subframes, and the luke harnesses if you are interested, please tell me what seat you are after, in what finish - GRP / Carbon etc here are some...
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    2007 Ford Fiesta on behalf of a mate who wants a civic!

    Hi folks, this is a very close friends car, selling as he wants to get a Civic ;) I cannot say enough how much this car is looked after, I have to say I dont think i have ever seen it dirty! He washes and polishes it on a more than regular occasion and the iv never found anything lying around...
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    **PROJECT MU Brake Pads HC+**

    These brake pads are arguably the best on the market. With superior controllability and anti-fading performance, this model gives top-notch performance on city streets, winding roads or racing circuits. Pads can make or brake a setup. they are pricey, but worth it! i have used these pads...
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    **PROJECT MU Racing Floating Wheel Nuts**

    Ultimate bad boy wheel nuts!! the creme de la creme With floating aluminum collar deployed on nut taper, this super-light and hard nut works to improve contact with the wheel and prevent loose screws. M12 x 1.5 ( TOYOTA, HONDA, MAZDA, MITSUBISHI, DAIHATSU and other. ) these are not...
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    BLING BLING!! Filler Caps, Turbo intake trumpets, handbrakes etc

    hey guys as well as the wheel nuts and hubcentric spacer kits i can offer, i am also pleased to offer these to the forum now engine bay bling!! :D stainless Filler cap sets ( brake, power steering and oil ) £45 Anodized filler cap sets ( brake, power steering and oil )...
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    Wossner Forged Pistons & Conrod sets

    Very pleased to offer these to members of the forums a little difficult to put up prices as its totally dependant on what the customer requirements are...but i can assure you, forum discount will be quite generous :) Wossner Forged Pistons Wossner Forged Conrod Sets ( Including ARP bolts...
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    Ksport Big Brake Kits

    I am very pleased to be able to offer the following deals on K sport brake kits to the forum. K-Sport have recently made multiple changes to their kits including: - Stronger material for the mounting brackets to reduce flex - Larger caliper to bracket mounting area to reduce flex -...
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    Mugen Reservoir Covers, A LOT!

    I got a box of these direct from mugen a few months ago... they are sold... so i have stock of another box full of them :) these are in the uk with me NOW, ready to be posted TODAY Genuine Mugen product, no ebay overseas fakes from hong kong etc with a 2-3 week delivery time £15 each, or...
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    Needing some help here folks...Silicone hose development im doing

    Hi folks i am currently working with a silicone hose manufacturer, and developing a kit for the ek9, and other cars as time goes on... although i am an official SFS dealer...this new manufacturer is going to provide more colours for those of you that are fussy about colour or want to...
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    HSD Coilovers

    I can now supply HSD Coilovers :) These are getting very very good press on Driftworks, and a friend of mine is also using these on his dc2 and says they are fantastic, have been fitted for a while too, and done a couple track days aswell as endured the terrible country roads local to myself...