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    Ta technix coilovers?

    Hi I was just wondering has anyone used ta technix coilovers they are a cheap brand at 230.00euro? I don't want to drop 800euro on a set of coilovers and the horrible sterling-euro exchange rate rules out buying from UK vendors anyway. So ya anyone used them on an ek?
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    this setup look okay b18c4 t3 turbo

    honda integra turbo for sale in Donegal : €4,600 - this integra in link above has really caught my interest was wondering if spec is safe and what you think of it? i have had turbo cars before so know the jist of it but im no expert on turboing n/a cars so your advice...
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    Many 90s jdm cars left in japan?

    Was just wondering is there many 90s jdm cars left in japan? Are they still popular over there? Which country imported most jdm cars from japan? Im guessing it must be ireland? Just questions i was wondering to myself!ha For a country that was flooded with jdm cars irelands japanese scene is...
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    Rust dc2 what to do?

    Hi last Two months ive noticed orange bubbles breaking out through the white paint on my dc2 under the type r badge on rear quarter panels! Also one of my arches is turning orange! It really has been the last two months its come on:( What are my options for fighting the rust guys i know...
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    How much are k20 conversions these days?

    Just wondering how much k20 conversions are in to a teg/ek9 these days in ireland here icetronix do it for 5000euro fitted not sure is that dear or cheap? Any other quotes?
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    96 spec/ek9 manifold vs ukdm manifold

    Hi guys money is not in great supply for me lately and seen that 96 spec/ek9 manifolds are really cheap and easy to get hold of and just wondering would there be gains over the ukdm manifold? Im guessing not as much as the 98 spec manifold but still noticeable id say? Anyone put an ek9 mani...
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    Brake pad question

    Hi guys ive a 98 uk dc2 type r and need to change front brake pads ive noticed i have drilled and grooved front discs so wonder will oem brake pads fit? Also are uk pads same as jdm pads in dc2s? Thanks guys
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    few questions before removing intake resonator dc2

    Hi guys just a few questions before i remove intake resonator on my dc2 tomorrow! Is it okay to just remove resonator and leave it? Will it suck up much water etc or am i worrying too much!ha i know a cold air feed would be ideal but wont be happening for a while! Induction noise? Performance...
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    Skunk 2 rear section fit oem bipe ukdc2

    Sorry for another exhaust thread but got a skunk 2 exhaust rear section today of an em1 and just wondering will it fit my oem bpipe on my ukdm dc2? The skunk rear section uses a flat type gasket which i have! Does the oem bpipe use a flat section or ring gasket? Any info?:) Thanks
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    Help with ukdm exhaust guys thanks

    I have a ukdm dc2 with completely standard exhaust i have a jdm 4-1 maniold along with a 2.5 adjustable decat sourced! What i want to know is will the 2.5 decat flange line up with the bpipe flange fine? Or how will i work this:please::angry2: Thanks guys Also is ukdm dc2 cat exact same as ek4...
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    What power do ukdm dc2 make on dyno

    Hi guys since ill be mapping and dynoing the car in next 6weeks was Just wondering what should a ukdm dc2 make on the dyno? Mods Just a decat and mapped neptune 110,000miles Also are they much slower than a jdm dc2? Thanks
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    Looking for ukdm dc2 decat 2.5mani collector ----2.25 exhaust

    As title guys looking for a ukdm dc2 decat with manifol flange at 2.5 and exhaust side 2.25 Il be running 2.5 jdm mani and standard uk spec exhaust Anyone know anyone selling these? Thanks
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    Gains from mapping a standard car?

    Ive a completely standard ukdm integra and was thinking of getting it mapped on a neptune chip! Im not sure if want to spend a fortune on mods as im pretty happy with car as it is but i like the launch control and vtec point lowering offered by neptune chip! Will i see gains do you think...
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    Where to buy ukdm 98 spec adjustable decats and a good manifold

    As above looking for a good decat and manifold for ukdm 98 spec integra Any help much apreciated thanks
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    Do uk98 spec integras have the 4-1 manifold and 4.7fd

    Ive searched all over without a clear answer! I know the 98 jdm spec tegs have the 4-1 manifold and 4.7fd but do the 98ukdm spec have the 4-1 and 4.7fd? Thanks
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    Thinking of buyin a car but dyno results seem low?

    Hi im thinking of buying a sir civic it has been on a rolling road but results seem low to me just wondering what you think! Spec: B16a2 ek9 cams Dc2 throttle body and inlet manifold 4-1manifold Decat Cat back exhaust Js racing induction kit It made 166bhp/137whp mapped by apexi neo...
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    any of irish guys know of this car??

    Honda Integra DC2 Type R (vw honda bmw) for sale in Mayo : €4,950 - just wondering if anybody knows this car or the owner was thinking of goin for a look at it:nice:
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    do all ek9s/vtecs burn oil?

    hi guys i had an ek9 before and will prob be getting one soon again but just wondering on the whole honda and burning oil thing! do all you guys ek9s burn a bit of oil? i noticed with my ek9 it had 90.000miles that every 1000miles it could do with a top up not a major amount just a small...
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    ek9/dc2 preferably in ireland

    hi guys want to get back into vtec was a previous ek9 owner here in ireland ive had a look at donedeal and so on just wondering if theres any minter 9's or dc2s here for sale kinda must be in ireland please! must have nct and no faults thanks guys thought id try hear as all owners are...
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    advice and views on buyin dc2!? Faults! 96 or 98? How much quicker than ek9?

    was thinking of goin dc2 and jus wondering if owners,past owners could give me there experience on reliability, performance, general info, how far ahead and behind they are of ek9s in a straight line? And which is quicker 96 or 98 spec? On paper 98 spec seems quicker due to final drive and...