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    stefanoo18 reputation thread. Cheers for any positive comments in advance :)
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    Jordan/vti gains and bhp?

    Hey, Have my Jordan off road for winter atm and driving my yellow ep3 (fan of the yellow as you can prob tell haha). So im starting to make plans for engine work and just want to know what your Jordans/vtis or b16's have made bhp? Been thinking about putting in a b18 but would like to...
  3. stefanoo18

    throttle jumping

    Hey No idea whats going on with my throttle at the moment.. Would be driving along normally (not with the foot down or anything) and when i put the foot down a bit to accelerate, the car wouldnt go it would sort of judder and get sorta bogged then suddenly jump forward a bit and the power...
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    B18 or B20 bottom end?

    Have a lsd box and b18 head sitting for my jordan at the moment and saving up for the block as we speak! b20 or b18? Most people do b18 but have heard b20 blocks can be good too but you need the vtec conversion kit? which i see is 180quid off tegiwa.. worth it or not? anyone done it or...
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    Cage for Jordan/ek

    Hey Been looking around for cages for my Jordan and saw a few rom safety devices, but just wondering if any of yous on here have them? where/what ones you purchased and what you think? cheers!
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    Jordan #60 and Yellow ep3

    So a while ago i put up a thread on my Jordan since then decided to go for an all Honda drive and get rid of the big diesel a4! lol So far so pleased with the ep3 and when the jordan goes away for some work over winter i wont be missing vtec! Car has 60mm springs in it, and scorpion...
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    Best tyres for 15" on my Jordan

    Just looking into a new set of tyres for my Jordan Civic, Live in northern ireland so have to be decent in the rain too! lol Been pricing around but wondering what yous are running and what yous think? Cheers
  8. stefanoo18

    My Jordan Civic #60

    Havent got around to putting up a thread on my Jordan yet so thought id do it now! Bought the car end of january with 98k on it and have fallen in love with it! Few paintwork issues but sound car. When i bought it the car had: -Cheap ass coilovers (awful) -Standard alloys -Skunk2 Megapower...
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    b18 inlet manifold on jordan

    do you need to get a b18 throttle body so the inlet fits on or the standard jordan one do the job? cheers
  10. stefanoo18

    Skunk2 MegaPower cat back exhaust

    The middle section of my standard jordan exhaust has just snapped so was thinking about getting one of these? Anybody recommend it or any other systems? cheers
  11. stefanoo18

    Mg Zr brakes on Jordan

    hey ive heard that mg zr brake discs bolt directly onto a jordan? Been looking at a set of brembo's from a zr for mine, good choice or not? cheers
  12. stefanoo18

    Tegiwa manifold and Decat

    Was looking at getting a Tegiwa 4-2-1 manifold with a Tegiwa 2.5" decat too, yous think its worth the money at 400quid? and will i feel much of a difference? Thinking it would add 15-25bhp, would that be right? Cheers