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    Evo 8/9 enkeis

    Hi all as the title states id like a set of evo 8 or 9 enkeis please.
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    17" 5x114.3 rota wheels

    hi all im looking for a set of rota wheels rota torques ET45 or 30 rota boosts rota slips rota grids pm me what you got thanks, chris.
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    WHITE DC5 alloys

    Hi all im looking for a set of DC5 alloys in white pref but dont have to be pm me what you all have thanks.
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    syncros/oem/m factory

    just a few questions i just wanted to know if anybody has ever bought single syncros from honda as i ideally ony wanted the one as in 3rd as its been crunching on my S80 4.7 as all you honda boys know this is a common thing so im opting for a close ratio gear set 3rd 4th and 5th but wanted to...
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    40/40 prop valve

    hi all need a 40/40 prop valve for my EK4 so i can f off all of the ABS, thanks.
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    hardrace or energy bushes for front wishbones

    hi all im after a full set or bushes to fit on to the lower control arms of my EK4, so thats all 6 bushes, 3 per side can be either hardrace or energy.
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    HELP HELP HELP... 4 wheel alignment results inside

    Right i have had my fast road set up and to be fair it already needs tweeking but thats not the problem, i thought if i uploaded the front and rear print out sheets somebody would be kind enough to explain what it all means, its proberly really simple but im trying to under stand the toe caster...
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    my F/W daily...track inspired EK4...Bye bye ABS...

    hi all ive been on the forum for a few months so thought id get my build up going on here as im normally over on civiclife but decided to put it up here to, ive owned my honda civic EK4 just under 2 years and i have to say mysef its come a long way i wont put up every picture but a before and...
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    EK/9 front camber adjusters

    Hi all I'm looking for some front camber adjusters, either buddy club, or cyber speed but if you can pm me whT you have got and I'll message you back if I'm intrested thanks all.
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    what exhaust style do people prefer??

    this is about what people prefer in exhaust styles as in over the LCA or under the LCA and i was reading somewhere something about the under LCA systems have better flow, so i just thought id post it up as im having a custom exhaust made up on my car next month and im undecided on what style to...
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    Near side ABS trailing arm EK4/SIR/VTI

    Hi there im just looking for a nearside trailing arm for a civic ek4 if anyone has one please as this is needed quite urgant. needs to be the abs arm thanks.
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    H.I.D's and radio interference

    Hi all i have recently fitted my hids to my ek4 and ive noticed that as soon as i turn my lights on the radio is unlistenable lol it goes all crackly, and as soon as i turn them off its perfect. i was just wondering if anybody has come accross this aswell, or if it's just me theres got to be...
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    b series adjustable cam pulleys

    hi al im after a few things again like DC2 cams or EK9 cams >got< DC2 oil pump >got< b series adjustable cam pulleys >need<
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    Exhaust advise

    Hi all my name is chris i was just wanting some advise on a exhaust system and what would you suggest. So i have a high comp b16A engine going in soon with ek9 .5 bigger pistons ek9 cams .5 skimmed head ect ect but basically im aiming for around 190 to 200bhp so i just wanted to know whats best...
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    OEM or SUPERTECH stem seals

    just thought id get on here and ask to see if oem is better or vise versa or is it down to personal preference, as im building my hi comp engine and ive just ordered the valves so the seals are the only the i need to crack on. thanks for reding.
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    Aem v1

    Hi all I can get hold of a good condition aem v1 for £45 and wanted to see if it worth it, cheers, Chris.
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    AEM v1 or v2

    hi there just have a few questions about both reaaly and if anyone had any experences with these... which do you class as the better intake, i know the v2 in the newer model o the answer is probley obvious. can you run a brake booster (master cylinder stopper) with the v1 as i know you can...
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    aem v2, type R rear wing X brace..EK4

    AEM V2 type R rear spoiler rear X brace JDM ITR cams
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    Track day friendly exhaust system options

    Hi there i was just wandering as to what exhaust systems are ok for a track day ive currently got a spec 2 on a decat and 4-1 mani and it stupid loud lol so i need to no what my options are for systems, only reason as to why im asking is im hoping theres a few track day bods on here that cn give...
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    My car pics as i was asked by a few members

    so this is how she stood awhile ago, now this was 3 maybe 4 months ago and i have taken the car in a completely different direction now, i want to track the car this year so ive raised it up at a perfect height and set up the coilovers on a local track, taken and sold the dished wheels and just...