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  1. stefanoo18


    Bought Jordan hornet badge from sc888 great communication and super quick postage. Thanks again
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    Civic Jordan DECAL

    These exact same as the originals?
  3. stefanoo18

    Civic Jordan DECAL

    Looking a hornet badge and green decals for the side of my jordan? anyone know where i could get them?
  4. stefanoo18

    WTB: itr b18c cylinder head

  5. stefanoo18


    stefanoo18 reputation thread. Cheers for any positive comments in advance :)
  6. stefanoo18

    DC5 seat fit into EK9?

    okay mate thanks for the help
  7. stefanoo18

    DC5 seat fit into EK9?

    Can you use normal ek4 rails to put the seats in? Or does it have to be ek9 rails?
  8. stefanoo18

    Black DC5 and EK9 photos..

    Two lovely cars, very rare to see black in either of them in the uk!
  9. stefanoo18

    my ek9 and my mums ek4...

    two mint cars! hard to find a jordan thats still pretty much standard!
  10. stefanoo18

    Anybody tried 6two1?

    Friend got a set for his civic and said they were a great job! i got bc racing ones from and customer service was great id recommend them!
  11. stefanoo18

    BREAKING - Honda Civic Jordan EK B16A2

    seat rails available? would you post? Thanks
  12. stefanoo18

    throttle jumping

    Happy days hopefully il get it sorted.. dont have a kpro but is it easily replaced yourself?
  13. stefanoo18

    Jordan/vti gains and bhp?

    Hey, Have my Jordan off road for winter atm and driving my yellow ep3 (fan of the yellow as you can prob tell haha). So im starting to make plans for engine work and just want to know what your Jordans/vtis or b16's have made bhp? Been thinking about putting in a b18 but would like to...
  14. stefanoo18

    throttle jumping

    Cheers everyone! il try changing it soon and see if it works!
  15. stefanoo18

    throttle jumping

    Will do! Gonna be hard to know though as it only happens on an odd occasion, but thanks for the idea!
  16. stefanoo18

    throttle jumping

    Hey No idea whats going on with my throttle at the moment.. Would be driving along normally (not with the foot down or anything) and when i put the foot down a bit to accelerate, the car wouldnt go it would sort of judder and get sorta bogged then suddenly jump forward a bit and the power...
  17. stefanoo18

    B18 or B20 bottom end?

    Aw right you ever have it in yours? cheers lad i think il probably just go b18 just wanted to know what b20 were like!
  18. stefanoo18

    B18 or B20 bottom end?

    Probably be just keeping it standard lad! Monty was saying you had one at a stage?
  19. stefanoo18

    B18 or B20 bottom end?

    Have a lsd box and b18 head sitting for my jordan at the moment and saving up for the block as we speak! b20 or b18? Most people do b18 but have heard b20 blocks can be good too but you need the vtec conversion kit? which i see is 180quid off tegiwa.. worth it or not? anyone done it or...
  20. stefanoo18

    JDM P73 B18c ECU

    Alright mate! im in ballymena here how much if i collect? cheers