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  1. widebodyEK

    Widebody Hatch

    I just had my hatchback repainted and cleaned up. Thought I would share. I've owned it for 16 years now–it was my first car. I now have an ap2, but showing love to the hatch lately after years of neglect. Photo credit: Margarito Juarez from the Eibach Meet 2018
  2. widebodyEK

    CTR wing base or Seeker v2

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I posted on here. I'm looking for a CTR wing base for my current CTR wing or a Seeker v2 wing. I'm located in the States (Southern California). Obviously I'm willing to pay shipping if it's reasonable. Cheers - Sean
  3. widebodyEK

    Widebody EJ6

    Updated 1/27/18 Current car specs: Engine –JDM b16a sirII with an Edelbrock turbo kit. –ITR intake cam –Edelbrock 65mm throttle body –Skunk2 intake manifold –stock internals –test pipe –Apexi WS2 exhaust Nothing to crazy. Tuned very conservatively on Crome made 230 to the hubs at 7psi...
  4. widebodyEK

    Boost hater

    New to the site... heres my whip...