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  1. widebodyEK

    Widebody Hatch

    I just had my hatchback repainted and cleaned up. Thought I would share. I've owned it for 16 years now–it was my first car. I now have an ap2, but showing love to the hatch lately after years of neglect. Photo credit: Margarito Juarez from the Eibach Meet 2018
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    Eibach 2018 meet at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana CA – hatch and my ap2
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    Fresh out of the paint booth
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    Eibach 2018 meet at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana CA. Photo credit: Margarito Juarez
  5. widebodyEK

    Widebody EJ6

    Thanks. I couldn't agree more. Lots of dumb people out there unfortunately. It must be easier for them to figure out FB than forums.
  6. widebodyEK

    Widebody EJ6

    This is my other toy:
  7. widebodyEK

    Widebody EJ6

    Right! Only 8 years ago that I updated my build on here. I've been hanging around the forum a lot more these days. And Facebook groups since most of the forums are dead unfortunately.
  8. widebodyEK

    Widebody EJ6

    before: Just refinished some TEs for it too:
  9. widebodyEK

    Widebody EJ6

    So I just brought my car back from the dead after owning it for 16 years. Body work all redone and fresh paint. bringing back the old school widebody Feel's look. Now if I could only find an authentic Feel's front end! I'll take some better pics once I get a chance. These are some phone shots.
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    37295052654_8d06281f80_k (1)

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  17. widebodyEK

    CTR wing base or Seeker v2

    Just got one from ICB. All good. Thanks
  18. widebodyEK

    CTR wing base or Seeker v2

    Still looking
  19. widebodyEK

    CTR wing base or Seeker v2

  20. widebodyEK

    CTR wing base or Seeker v2