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  1. Barryl85

    Crail: 300bhp astra vs ek9

    Dont want to start an argument here or offend anyone but i'll say it anyway...... Why is it when theres drag racing mentioned all the track nuts come on and try to downgrade its appeal or try and make it sound crap, for the people who enjoy it I hope they never get disheartened by the...
  2. Barryl85

    Crail: 300bhp astra vs ek9

    The astra wasnt 300bhp if you read the comments in the video. And at crail the more power you have (especially front wheel drive) the harder it is to put on the ground cos the surface is dire. I'm not here to take anything away from what you see in the video because I wasnt there and dont...
  3. Barryl85

    Sounds like a good day out :) Make sure to get some mileage on the clutch before you go to...

    Sounds like a good day out :) Make sure to get some mileage on the clutch before you go to break it in properly (suppose to be around 500 miles) just try getting as much as possible !
  4. Barryl85

    picture of the day.

    I'm afraid its a BMW M1 joe ! Yep it is a good pic I have had that as a desktop wallpaper for a while (among others on rotation of course !)
  5. Barryl85

    No problem and thats good to hear ! No I wont be at crail for a while yet as i'm saving to buy...

    No problem and thats good to hear ! No I wont be at crail for a while yet as i'm saving to buy an EK9, since i sold my B18 EK4 i've been out the game so to speak lol
  6. Barryl85

    picture of the day.

    ^^^^ beast
  7. Barryl85

    what grade oil for my s80 ?

    I dont have any idea mate sorry ! I'd imagine around 75w/90
  8. Barryl85

    what grade oil for my s80 ?

    If you pop into your local Honda dealer parts dept you should be able to buy some MTF the S80 takes 2.2 litres IIRC - try and take a container for them to put it into.
  9. Barryl85

    Issues with high revs?

    If you keep trying to shift at high RPM's and forcing it you will damage your gearbox. The good thing with your issue is you know you have a worn clutch, this is actually a good thing because its showing a large chance that it is the problem. There is many reasons why you might not be able...
  10. Barryl85

    Bushes etc..!?

    I have no personal experience on these bushes or hardrace just from what I have read. I havent seen a direct comparison either but PIC suspension components are very highly regarded in USA. I think comparing them to Hardrace may be a hard task as they are similar design I think the PIC...
  11. Barryl85

    Bushes etc..!?

    Came accross this link - Buy PIC/Suja 1 Motoring Hard Rubber Bushing (HRB) Kit Thought some people might be interested.
  12. Barryl85

    Clutch advise please!

    It is easy ! Its just not a quick job and the gearboxes are effing heavy when you are lying under the car trying to put it in yersel !
  13. Barryl85

    What did you get/give for Valentines day...

    Sent her some roses, also bought a card and a soft toy but she wont get those maybe even until tomorrow which is crap but cant do much about that ! I dont really care about getting anything even although she will have got me a card - its all for the women i say.
  14. Barryl85

    Thinking of saying bye to my ek9 already...

    An EK9 to me is an engineering masterpiece a true drivers car, no other way to explain it. A Seat Leon is a rebrand of a VW Golf which is just a normal car thats in the market for normal drivers/normal everyday people to buy to have a little more fun in their daily commute, i'm not saying I...
  15. Barryl85

    Thinking of saying bye to my ek9 already...

    Wow, more mature car? An EK9 aint immature, maybe some of the mods ive seen fowks do make them look like teenage boy racers but that can happen with any car. And a leon is more like, unreliable, lumbersome, numb, boring VAG, doesnt get a second look, common car (in comparison to an EK9). My...
  16. Barryl85

    Bushes etc..!?

    Just buy the EK4 kit! All the components involved in the 5stud swap are identical to the ek4 minus the actual hub!
  17. Barryl85

    Bushes etc..!?

    I'd rather use hard race stuff which is hard rubber rather than poly bushes, i've never been a big fan of poly bushes tbh. I'm sure more people will have opinions on the matter and i'll try and find a link to some hard race stuff...
  18. Barryl85

    lights pealing?

    Ahhh I just re-read it and makes sense ha, yeah a good machine polish would make them a lot better. Stick them in the oven separate the lense from the headlight casing then re-seal them with sealant. While you have got them seperated you could paint the inside to match EK9 headlights if you...
  19. Barryl85

    Keep an eye out...

    FFS What a ****ing world we live in. I'd like to cut their ****ing fingers off.
  20. Barryl85

    Best EK9 Wallpaper