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  1. cocoEK9

    EK9 sounding like a scooby

    hi folks, quick question why is my ek9 sounding like a scooby? my car has been sitting for a while 3-4 months approx as i was away. when i came back and started it up it was fine, came back to it a few days later and stared it up it was fine then only when it was warm the revs dropped to...
  2. cocoEK9

    miracle X bar

    need some help does anyone no where i can get a miracle X bar from? cheers
  3. cocoEK9


    alright hows folks got myself a late 97 ek9 just thought i would say hi! some spec about my car well not long put on buddy club racing spec coilovers, buddy club wheel nuts, spoon n1 back box, de cat pipe and aem v2 induction kit! im thinking about painting the standard wheels black what do you...