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  1. R555 DUN


    Bought a Mugen Intake for a DC2 off IRF and top class sale, communication and helo as usual. Again would reccomend him widely, good service and top bloke for a news also! Thanks again
  2. R555 DUN

    SSB EK4 ‘kanjo’ inspired

    Wow. You've done a lot to the car since we last spoke Ben! Nice work you're doing buddy! Wouldn't mind being at a track day when this car is there ;) top work!
  3. R555 DUN

    My Honda EJ9

    Nice EJ9 man. Good start and nice mods!
  4. R555 DUN

    My 98' Spec JDM DC2 ITR

    Thanks for the kind words. I'm planning on keeping the car as authentic and OEM+ As possible. Spoon parts are just to help solidify the car. Have the Idea of Sourcing a fresh B18 So I don't sacrifice the solid engine it already has. Extremely fun car to drive and own. And an added bonus that...
  5. R555 DUN

    My Daily Ek (Project)

    Nice base for a crazy turbo project. Good luck man!
  6. R555 DUN

    My 98' Spec JDM DC2 ITR

    I'll let you off bud you had a busy weekend! Still v jealous! Thanks guys :))
  7. R555 DUN

    My 98' Spec JDM DC2 ITR

    Will do bud! and it's there. put it as a cone filter don't worry!
  8. R555 DUN

    My 98' Spec JDM DC2 ITR

    Cheers Az hopefully be in your neck of the woods somepoint soon!
  9. R555 DUN

    My 98' Spec JDM DC2 ITR

    So asa very Small few of you know, I've moved on from the EP3, Great car which I do miss, will definitely be back in one some day soon. Was fun to drive but another car came up that took my fancy and I couldn't resist. A (Very Fresh) 1998 Honda Integra Type R DC2. finished in Championship...
  10. R555 DUN

    Mimms 23rd April 2017

    I'll be travelling down from Scotland as Encore has stated in his post. Would be good to meet up with some folk prior to mimms!
  11. R555 DUN

    My VSM EJ9

    so since i haven't updated this thread for months now i'll put a small update in. the car is back on the road but the good old rust worm has striked. good old uk road's! so it'll be off the road again soon and getting the tlc it deserves. in that time the type r should finally be back on the...
  12. R555 DUN


    Bought a few things off of Sam recently. all top condition, as described. no hassles whatsoever. good communication and good prices as well. would use again. Thanks.
  13. R555 DUN


    I've Bought myself a few things off of Az. Good prices, quick postage and an absolute pleasure to deal with, great guy to speak to generally as well. would recommend and would definitely use again. Thanks again!
  14. R555 DUN

    EK9 Carpet & Mats

    As titled. Looking for mint EK9 CTR Red Carpet and mats. PM me. Thanks. Ross.
  15. R555 DUN

    My VSM EJ9

    So small update on the car... sadly it isn't a positive update.. a week a go on Friday that just past, the engine developed a knock.. which progressed in a very small amount of time.. heading out to my friends house to help him with his car the car cut out at a junction, at first i thought...
  16. R555 DUN

    Mimms Xmas Special - Scotland travel arrangements.

    As titled, anyone from Scotland or local to the AB/IV/DD postcode thinking of traveling to Mimms in December? Would be great to meet up with fellow forum members and travel/convoy down! If so anyone have a preference in traveling what day? where to stay? where to meet up on route? etc. To my...
  17. R555 DUN

    My VSM EJ9

    Turbo'd B Series is the plan, hopefully! :)
  18. R555 DUN

    My VSM EJ9

    Thanks Guys :)
  19. R555 DUN


    Bought again from Sam, got rear bench, Cup holders and the stickers and came v quick once again. again would recommend, good guy all round. Cheers again Sam!
  20. R555 DUN

    My VSM EJ9

    So done a few little things to the car since I last updated this thread. Got it Serviced and MOT'd just this week passing, and hopefully this time next week it'll be back on the road! As for what I have done to the car I bought a EK9 Rear Bench and cup holder and the sticker from @B16Swt...