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    Ek9 ITG maxogen

    Item for sale:ITG maxogen Reputation:vtec Price: £165 + £10 delivery Paypal:yes- but buyer pays fees Location:sunderland Condition:used but near mint condition Description:Here i have for sale my itg maxogen enclosed intake for a ek9 it is in very good condition and comes with new...
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    2000 Yellow EK9 Rx

    Price: £7150 Location: Sunderland Tyne and Wear Condition: Very, very good an excellent example Description: Here I have for sale my cherished EK9 Rx in Y-56 sunlight yellow. The car has 73,000 miles on the clock with massive and comprehensive service history & bills and receipts...
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    RC 310 cc injectors and clips

    Item for sale:RC 310 cc injectors and clips Price: £140(for injectors) £15 (for clips) Location:Sunderland tyne and wear Condition:very good Description: RC 310 cc injectors and obd1 to obd2 clip connectors both have only covered 1250 miles and are in very good condition with no defects...
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    Skunk2 tuner cam gears

    Item for sale: Skunk2 tuner cam gears Price:£95 Location: sunderland tyne and wear Condition: very good Description: red skunk2 tuner cam gears ,only covered 1250 miles,with no defects at all,price when new £188 Pictures: Any questions PM me ,cheers
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    Skunk2 pro 2 cams

    Item for sale: skunk2 pro 2 camshafts Price: £360 Location:sunderland tyne and wear Condition:very good Description:skunk2 pro2 camshafts for sale due to putting my ek9 back to standard,the cams have only covered 450 miles only as these have been my 2nd set of cams on 18...
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    Please leave feed back here ,cheers
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    Hondata s300 black ,OBD2 B

    Item for sale: Hondata S300 black OBD2 B Price: £450 delivered anywhere in the uk Location:Sunderland ,tyne and wear Condition: very good ,(still has the plastic wrapper over front of the ecu lol) Description: I bought this ecu from will (Ek9turbo) brand new from hondata the unit was...
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    ITG maxogen (ep3/dc5)

    Item for sale: ITG maxogen Price: £300 Location: north east Condition: Brand new Description:ITG maxogen,brand new,never fitted all packets still sealed bought it new before christmas for £391 at 15% vat now the vat is back up to 17.5% the kit is more new,never got round to fitting and i...
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    Skunk 2 stage 1

    Iv'e been offered some brand new skunk2 stage 1 tuner series cams for a very good price is it worth getting them ? how much power and torque will i gain if i have them tuned properly? or should i just go for stage 2's
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    2 x ek9's

    Me and my friends ek9's
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    Miracle cross bar fitted

    fitted with the help of a mate glenn all thats left to do now is fit some rubber trim iv'e ordered to the edge of the cut plastic panels,the rear end of the ek9 now feels very tight and much stiffer :nice:
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    Ek9 prices !

    Has anyone else noticed the arse dropping out of the prices of ek9's at the momment in the uk ,some dealer down south is selling a 2000 w Rx with 51,000 miles and a decent spec and history for £6975 :shocked:
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    miracle x bar

    Whoooooo santa just dropped off a christmas present early,a miracle cross brace made by next in japan, i'll fit it then put some pics up :woot:
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    Camber ?

    Hi does anyone know what the standard camber settings are on a 00 ek9 ?front and rear .thanks :nice:
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    My 00 yellow ek9 Rx

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    Tanabe pro ss type 2 coilovers

    Ive just fitted some tanabe pro ss type 2 coilovers today on my ek9 and ive got to say there awesome ,the quality is very good and the ride is also good and ive got to set them up properly yet and then get the camber correction kits when i have the money !so in the end i hope to have the perfect...
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    tokico gas dampers

    Has any body heard of tokico suspension as i've heard there good and have been offered some 5 way adjustable tokico illuminar dampers for a good price ,i plan to put my spoon springs on these
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    how come i cant edit my own posts any more ?:mad: it wont let me??
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    what pads ?

    what are the best make of brake pads for my 2000 ek9 ,for say fast road use not track use (yet) !thanks
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    some pics of my ek9 Rx

    recent pic after a wash type r whooooo inside the Rx spoon b pipe fitted engine bay shot spoon rad cap and spoon rad bracket d-c sports 4-1 ceramic coated manifold fitted (2.5'' collector) ITG maxogen fitted old cam cover inside lol...