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  1. Pete180

    My 1997 EK9

    Nice to see a build thread going! damn rust :( same intake as mine! we have a whatsapp members invite only group if interested give me a shout :)
  2. Pete180

    B18C EK9 Build

    Looking sweet mate! love the rocker cover and that exhaust manifold, nice and shiny for now
  3. Pete180


    Yes mate. I set it up 2018. Pm me if you like
  4. Pete180

    Dobler's eK Build

    Ahhh right, interesting! I hear it's very strict out there
  5. Pete180

    Dobler's eK Build

    What's that mean buddy
  6. Pete180

    Carbon bonnet facelift 99-00

    Just wondering if anyone has or seen a good condition facelift carbon bonnet for EK/EM. Seibon etc NO bonnet pin holes or vents. Thanks
  7. Pete180

    EK9/EM1 front lip

    Gently used
  8. Pete180

    DM's EK9

    Pmd you :)
  9. Pete180

    DM's EK9

    Ah I was going to say we have a whatsapp group chat going for older active members, and keen to get genuine enthusiasts together for meets more. Less of the facebook d*cks etc, and more of the good old forum folk. Plan to try organise a meet at some point this year in the coming months
  10. Pete180

    Civic Jordan 258 rebuild

    Wouldn't mind seeing a carbon cluster surround in person! thought about getting 1 years ago, but never got to it
  11. Pete180

    DM's EK9

    Very clean mate! where are you located? good to see some members still active
  12. Pete180


    If you like send me your number and can add you mate. We have an Ek9org members chat going
  13. Pete180

    Rocker Cover Tightening Sequence and Torque

    Usually I just go from inside to out and/or opposites. I nip them up comfortably tight with a ratchet, not cranking them with loads of power as they will easily strip! just make sure you don't see any leaks around the edges too
  14. Pete180

    B16b vtec responding weak

    You need to get your car checked by a tuner. Throwing in such aggressive cams and nothing else, you can't really expect much. Usually those cams are for high comp built motors. Check your timing and see a tuner.
  15. Pete180


    Super Sausage! Ahh right okay, yh caffeine machine has a decent amount of parking but maybe tricky to get all parked together and finding each other being such a hot spot. I wouldn't mind getting an evening service station meet going like at Cherwell valley services or something, if we had...
  16. Pete180


    Not sure about stands, I think some mentioned a jdm combe stand. Regards a meet, wouldn't mind getting something going again. Been successful meets the past 2 times, so would be good to get together again. People are all over the country though so finding a mutual spot may take some looking...
  17. Pete180

    Ej9 backyard build

    Very clean condition seats mate! never fitted them so I don't know, but I know EP3 seats are a very common choice too. I would assume similar fitment? but I'm not sure on FN2
  18. Pete180


    Glad its sorted mate. Make sure the terminals are clean yh, none of that gunky stuff or limescale whatever it is, good stuff :)
  19. Pete180

    WANTED - ECU plastic clips

    Think you can buy these on ebay or from honda. Black trim clips, the press in things. Usually packs of 10 or so
  20. Pete180

    Loud loud loud

    Not sure to be honest, but I do know those exhausts are rather loud yeah lol they do get attention!