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  1. MarkMcG

    what mounts? h2b swap

    as above will be putting a h2b swap into a ek9 with the brough h2b kit which uses b serious mounts and driveshafts. My question is what mounts should I go for? I was thinking 75a rating as I hope to have around 250hp when mapped. also which company is best? hasport, innotive or avid? any...
  2. MarkMcG

    Abs removal

    Hi, I'm removing the abs in my ek9, I have already removed the abs pump and got 40/40 NON ABS proprop valve and removed the sensors etc. My question is the wiring, I've found the abs ecu in the drivers footwell and some of the wiring but does the abs wiring running behind the dash to the...
  3. MarkMcG

    Facelift ek9 red mats

    As above only need drivers side and passengers side bug will take a full set at the right price! Must be in very good condition with the holder for the drivers mat intact. Any help appreciated! :)
  4. MarkMcG

    clutch master cylinder rebuild kit and rear anti roll bar bushings

    as above rebuild kit for a clutch master cylinder and rear anti roll bar bushings for a ek9? Genuine honda. Pm me what you have. Will take a good second hand clutch mater cylinder if it's in good condition
  5. MarkMcG

    spoon low rails ek9

    As above! Any help appreciated!
  6. MarkMcG

    ek9 throttle body

    Im wondering Whether or not to get a itr throttle body and port it like a spoon one? Is it worth it? Anyone on here that ports a throttle body? Any help appreciated! :nice:
  7. MarkMcG

    Rear lower tie bar

    Looking for a Skunk2 phi fifty tie bar or a genuine beaks bar, new or second hand. no ASR subframe braces as the don't fit a ek9.
  8. MarkMcG

    Dc2 airbox into Ek

    Have searched for the thread but it seems the pictures have been removed. Anyone have a how to with pictures? :)
  9. MarkMcG

    Petrol tank

    Is all Petrol tanks from all ek hatch models the same? Or ej9, ek2, ek3, ek4, ek9 or do they differ in size/capacity? Thanks in advance!
  10. MarkMcG

    Comtech Icebox for Ek9

    As above wanted in very good condition for ek9. no mad prices.
  11. MarkMcG

    Carbon prefacelift ek bonnet!

    as above must be in good condition. thanks in advance!
  12. MarkMcG

    Asr rear subframe brace

    does anyone know if these fit a ek9, I've heard rumours they dont? can you modify them to fit a ek9? thanks in advance
  13. MarkMcG

    Front and rear camber arms- Ek Civic.

    No **** brands, skunk2, hardrace, buddyclub, etc. Cash waiting!
  14. MarkMcG

    Ek9 prefacelift Carbon bonnet

    As above must be in good condition! :)
  15. MarkMcG

    where to buy prefacelift ek BYS bumper?

    as above where can you buy these or does anyone have one secondhand?
  16. MarkMcG

    Wanted - Prefacelift ek9 headlights

    as above, buyer must be able to ship to northern ireland
  17. MarkMcG

    Meister R zeta s - dampening issue

    I have Meister R zeta s coilovers but the person I bought them from adjusted the dampening/ rebound adjustment. does anyone know the correct amount of dampening I should be using? ie the amount of threads from top to bottom? cheers in advance!
  18. MarkMcG

    Newbie from Ireland - Cavan

    Heard great things about this forum for a year now so I decided to join up! Here's my previous ej9 - ek9 rep, was B16a2 with 5 stud conversion, ek9 cams, flywheel, inlet manifold, skunk 2 mega power cat back, recaros etc! I now have a pre facelift Ek9 which I'll be putting a build thread up soon...