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  1. Barryl85

    For all you mother tuckers......

    I have always wondered where you guys are tucking the EVAP canister or if you are removing it: 1. Exactly what are you removing / adapting (including pipes / wiring) 2. What effect does this have at MOT / testing time
  2. Barryl85

    Seen this on Honda-Tech US

    Just thought i'd share..... Not 100% sure if its an EK9 either.
  3. Barryl85

    Anyone read this before?

    Well i read this maybe a couple years back and came accross it again not too long ago, just thought i'd post it up and share. 1st read it on pistonheads forum when the guy put it on there. 1st time i've seen the blog though. Will make you think about how you drive alot !! It could...
  4. Barryl85

    **Problem With Forum (database error)**

    I keep getting this problem every day while using the forum......... Anyone else get this? Cos i get it at home in work and on my iphone !! I also think its the reason people keep double posting by accident and you see deleted posts all over the place. Its really annoying :((
  5. Barryl85

    Check this beasty Exige

    700HP, Turbocharged, Supercharged Wide-Body Lotus Exige. Any Questions? I WANT !
  6. Barryl85

    Engine mounts

    Right this isn't the usual - what mounts should I buy thread. A long while ago - maybe around 2 years I was doing my usual browsing through US Honda tech and also JDM Civic website as I love Reading thru the teardowns and build ups! There was a guy who bought engine mounts which he called an...
  7. Barryl85

    White Crow ?

    Stumbled accross this website: ??????? WHITE CROW ???????? | ????? S2000?????????????????? ???????? Seems to be partly in japanese - looks like they race honda's - and got some nice cars esp their ek9 demo car. For some reason they converted the car back to 4 x 100 PCD right enough...
  8. Barryl85

    Lower tie bar (front) & B-C Pillar bar

    I'd like to put a lower tie bar at the front of my EK4 - i bought a tanabe one a while ago but it only seems to fit with 4-2-1 manifold systems. Does anyone have any idea of which one i can buy without having issues of it not fitting due to my 4-1 - 2.5" header? Was looking at the spoon...
  9. Barryl85

    Dyno results

    Well most of yous will have seen my project! Here is my Dyno Video! YouTube - Civic EK4 VTi B18C6 209.7bhp 209.7Bhp - 178.4Whp - 138ft lbs Pretty good results from a stock engine! As far as dyno accuracy on the day - as we have had this discussion before i compared my car to...
  10. Barryl85

    Exhaust Diameters!

    I am currently using a buddyclub cat back system with 2.25" diameter and 2.25" diameter decat - i am upgrading to a B18C engine and would like to use a 2.5" header/manifold - is this possible and how would fitment be? I will eventually get a 2.5" system but at the moment i dont want to buy a...
  11. Barryl85

    Driveshafts / Axles

    I have a Civic - EK4 B16A2 Converting to B18C6 - Can i use the ITR axles/driveshafts or even the EK4 ones? or are they the same??
  12. Barryl85

    Please help! :(

    Ok guys, im going to do a B18C6 (UK ITR) conversion on my 2000 EK4. My EK4 is OBD2. I am going to run the b18 with cams and therefore need a management system, i was thinking hondata s300 Can i use this on a UK Integra type-r ECU or can it only be used with a P28? Also going from...
  13. Barryl85

    My EK4 project!

    Ok Guys (and gals!) The start of my project thread, now i wanna keep this pretty quiet for a while so this is the only forum i am posting this up - biggest reason being is because there might not be millions of members on here but its a million times better than other forums! so :secret: lol...
  14. Barryl85

    My Civic VTi Dyno Run

    Ok so not as exciting as an EK9 but here it is! It made 144-WHP and 172-BHP and 118ft lbs torque. Was happy with the run but i did feel like it should have had more!
  15. Barryl85

    Bigger oem brakes!

    Ok yeah its a VTi not a 9 but i need help! Right - I can get some Prelude or Honda legend Calipers that will allow 282mm discs. The discs would be mg zs discs as they are a perfect fit and are for a 4 lug 4x100. What i'm asking is what else do i need to change? Diff brake lines? Anything...
  16. Barryl85

    Decals Check out this site for all decals you need - this will be handy for people who get EK9's without the type-r badges!!
  17. Barryl85

    Updated pics of my car!!!

    Well guys i thoughht i would give yous a little update of my car! I know i need the type-r front grille!!! lol. New wheels on the way - coilovers and buddyclub spec iv!
  18. Barryl85

    D2 Coilovers

    Hi Guys, Anyone have experience with these coilovers from d2?? website: I'm really considering these - they look great and not heard any bad reviews or news about them. Prices are really decent on them too.
  19. Barryl85

    Why do so many people sell there EK9's!!!

    Ok it makes me sad and i dont care what anyone says about that statement! If i had an EK9 it would be mine forever, maybe i just have a love for these cars that most dont and the fact of how rare they are add to it! Or is it an expensive car to keep? I see loads of people selling them -...
  20. Barryl85

    Torque Damper

    Anyone running with one? J's Racing is selling them and i was thinking about installing it. I dont have a clue where it would bolt onto, and i dont know if i really need it! Any feedback about this appreciated EDIT: - WOW just noticed i spelt torque wrong in the title and i cant change...