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    EK9 Civic Type R B16B / B18C Exhaust/Muffler Sound Catalog

    I got my new exhaust last week.It was bought by dad for me so i don't have idea for the price.My friend is also in need of it.I will ask him to check out your stuff.
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    Information About EK Sway Bars *USEFUL INFORMATION*

    If you were to put a thicker rear sway bar and a tire bar in the rear,would it make the tail end of the car wild and reduce body roll?
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    BRAKE proportioning valve :confused:

    Not sure if this is what you need but got this by searching.The most difficult part of installing a brake proportioning valve is making a new line or two to place the proportioning valve in the hydraulic system. This usually only requires cutting the rear line and making a couple of 45-degree...
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    Headers DYNO Results !! On stock Integra Type R engine.

    I realize the benefits and advantage of TODA.Never aware about this until reaching this page.Great share of information and really helpful.
  5. L Nurburgring trip?????

    I do have lots of work this month until december so i guess i can join by next year.If there's a new plan date for next year,please let me know.Thanks and enjoy the trip.
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    Visit to Spoon garage: TYPE ONE!!!

    wow,i wish i was also there to see spoon products.sadly,i don't live in Tokyo but hopefully will get there soon.
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    My CTR ::

    Really nice!Well,goodluck in finishing your conversion.I'm planning to do it sometime next year.Not for now because i do have a lot of things to work on first.
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    B16B With Buddy Club Spec IV Camshafts review!

    I'm also taking into consideration the reliability as i used my car almost everyday.Every part should comply before i get these things to my B16B.Well,let see after a week.
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    Post your engine bay thread!

    Here's a nice engine i had.
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    EJ6 & EK4 to EK9 CTR Conversion Guide / Thread

    Here's a list of some ek9 mods. List of Mods: Interior: Custom integrated VI-RS Dash Kit JDM Toco?a Shift Knob JDM Spoon Carbon Fiber Guage Housing Momo Steering Wheel EK9 Custom Interior Carpet RED CLoth RECARO SEATS Exterior: JDM Spoon Carbon Fiber Wing RS Integrated Grille...
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    New Phillips x-treme +80% bulbs review, AMAZING!!

    I'm planning to change my bulbs but i'm not sure how much.Before,dad bought it for me and now i need to buy it using my money.How much does it cost?
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    Which OIL recommended for the B16b

    I'm using Castrol Magnatec as well because it gives many benefits.It is a synthetic based engine oil.It provides more protection than conventional engine oils during start-up and warm-up when up to 75% of engine wear can occur.It protects during all driving conditions and temperature.
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    EK9 Civic Type R B16B / B18C Exhaust/Muffler Sound Catalog

    Thanks for the reminder.I'm still working out for a video.What about the event this month,where it will be held?
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    ULTIMATE wheel weight guide!!!

    1 kilogram = 2.20462262 pounds.Maybe there's a bit difference from the actual weigh than you weigh it.Mine was around 4.6 kg.
  15. L Nurburgring trip?????

    Same thing here.I have scheduled meeting in the morning.Then,will go to grandma's house for dinner.Moreover,goodluck to everyone who will come.Keep safe as always.
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    getting jackets made

    Nice idea.I don't have any ek9 org stuff and i would like to have one too.How long it will be deliver?
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    My 2000 C/W EK9 Rx (Finally!!!!!) :D

    Looks good,I just did a washed and cleaned on my EK9.It's been three weeks since i got too busy and don't have time.I will take some photo later.
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    Post your engine bay thread!

    Here it is.
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    EJ6 & EK4 to EK9 CTR Conversion Guide / Thread

    Ek9 springs are 250lbs front and rear.Eibach makes 2 different springs for 96-00 civic.I'm not sure with the others.
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    Knite Force: NL 1991 Honda Civic 1.6i-VT EE9

    Totally awesome.I like the color and wheels.Well done project.I think my civic needs some attention to me like you did.