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    99-00 OBD2B Dash Wiring Issue

    Thanks for the reply Michael. I ended up finding out what my problem was today and finally got it running!!! My first problem was finding out about about the inertia switch and bypassing the switch wiring. Once I jumped it, I got power to the relay. The next problem that took me hours of...
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    99-00 OBD2B Dash Wiring Issue

    Ok, so I found that the Yellow w Red & Yellow w green are for the inertia switch based off a pic I found of the inertia pigtail. I am going to jump those pins and that should take care of those 2 missing wires. But I still have 4 missing wires (circled in red) and need to verify the one with a...
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    99-00 OBD2B Dash Wiring Issue

    Yes, I have seen that mentioned. I checked the main cabin harness and it does not have a plug or place for that inertia switch. But I think you are onto something. Could the plug be located on the dash cluster harness? That would explain where those extra cables are missing on the dash side...
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    99-00 OBD2B Dash Wiring Issue

    I am in the process of building a RHD EK9 clone and I realized I wasn't getting the fuel pump to prime. I then went through the process to verify all fuses under dash and under the hood are good. After that I went through the steps to troubleshoot the fuel pump relay for continuity as the...
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    Parts For Sale 27/5/2024

    Looking for an OEM OBD2A (96-98) b16b engine harness/loom. OR 99-00 Main Firewall Harness/loom with OBD2B plug
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    WTB: OEM EK9 OBD2A Engine Wiring Harness

    Looking for an OBD2A (96-98) b16b engine harness. OR 99-00 Main Firewall Harness with OBD2B plug