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  1. wicklow ek9

    New from Ireland

    :welcome: along
  2. wicklow ek9

    New to this forum

    cheers,im also keeping my eye on your ef,keep up the good work, Id say if you e-mail him you will get a fast response.
  3. wicklow ek9

    New to this forum

    yes i own the green ef9 on hh,havent fitted them yet.. Jerrick on here is the man to talk to..think theres a tread under miester r...
  4. wicklow ek9

    New to this forum

    welcome along man.. I know the name from honda haven.
  5. wicklow ek9

    JDM CRX SiR EF8 kanjo project!

    nice,very nice...
  6. wicklow ek9

    My 1968 Honda S800 Re-build

    Really good job,I like the time and effort that you are going true to get this mint throughout,keep up the good work..:nice:
  7. wicklow ek9

    New from Ireland

    :welcome: throw up a few pics
  8. wicklow ek9

    April Fools day - needs to be stopped!

    ha, i was confused,thought some 1 had logged onto my page and gave someone abuse..:nerv:
  9. wicklow ek9

    10% OFF + Free Shipping for MeisterR Coilovers! Code: EK9ORG

    quick question,how much for ef9 coilovers shipped to ireland? Thanks
  10. wicklow ek9

    Anyone know much about Mazda 323 GTRs?

    my friend has a 323 gtr,very good car,super rare,viscus lsd all round,running it at 1.1 bar boost..
  11. wicklow ek9

    new from ireland

  12. wicklow ek9

    new lad from longford,roi

  13. wicklow ek9

    Newbie from Dublin

  14. wicklow ek9

    new ek9 owner from Ireland

  15. wicklow ek9

    Newbie From Ireland

  16. wicklow ek9

    New from Ireland

  17. wicklow ek9

    New From Ireland :D

    welcome,nice cars:nice:
  18. wicklow ek9

    Hello from Ireland :)

    welcome,looks like a mint sir,fairplay,the irish roads will keep ya busy washing:D
  19. wicklow ek9

    Newbie from Clare ROI

    welcome to the site