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    99-00 Type r Climate control

    i have a climate control type-r with the conduct vents!!!! lmk if you still interested!!
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    EJ6 & EK4 to EK9 CTR Conversion Guide / Thread

    heyy guys !! I gonna have my dashboard with the Type-r climate control!!!!! Can the CTR fit in any dash 99-00 usdm ??? what i need to get done??? I live in jersey!!! There anyone have done this or know any place that i can go and do this modification??? please help!!!
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    dash change

    i want to do the samthing!!! i want to change my 00 climate control for the type-r climate control!!! there anyone knows how to deal with the vents conducts etc???? please any help from someone
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    Ek9, Rally Cañete 2009, Lima, Perú

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    EJ6 & EK4 to EK9 CTR Conversion Guide / Thread

    YOO wats good guys?? Ive a question about the climate control!!!! I have a 97 civic ex (USA) and I will like to change the climate control to the ek9 !!!! Do I have to get the ek9 internal dash center??? what about the dashboard harness do I need the jdm or I can use the 99-00 (USA) dashboard...
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    Honda civic 98 CTR EK9 complete part out

    Yoo do u have the ek9 civic type-r climate control??? Plis lmk asap